Cleaning windscreen with potato - Ben {P}
cut in half- is it a good idea?

What about vinega?

Been cleaning a car up for sale, and reduced to using turtle wax bug and tar jockum_what is the best?

If i have a car absolutely covered in dirt from years of neglect, what is the best stuff to use before polish (obviously after i wash it). T-cut mettalic?? And do i need to be careful how much pressure i use with this stuff? I remember nearly polishing an audi i had down to the metal with t-cut because the paint had oxidised so bad.

Cleaning windscreen with potato - THe Growler
Use the potato inside, stops misting up. Or you could use old fashioned spit like bikers do inside their visors, something to do with the enzymes...
Cleaning windscreen with potato - Dwight Van Driver
Done at night Ben in winter it is said to be a sure cure to stop a frosty windscreen.

Also Growler spitting and rubbing it around the inside glass of your AP Mask when you diving stops misting.

Cleaning windscreen with potato - Ben {P}
Thanks for the response. I just ask becuase i have used autoglym car glass polish and it was the only AG product i have not thought worth the money. Will try the potato. I presume a king edward will be ok.

Finished the paintwork on the car now, would anyonehere like to recommend anyinterior shampoo stuff?
Cleaning windscreen with potato - neil
Well, you could try cutting a nectarine in half... although you may find you get yellow smears all over the interior and a few more flies, but hey they're cheap and organic!
Cleaning windscreen with potato - sean
It works a treat, mate, due to the presence of potato starch.

And, sorry but I can't resist this one, IT'S GREAT FOR CHIPS IN THE GLASS,TOO. OI!
Cleaning windscreen with potato - king arthur
Do you use them raw, or do you have to boil them first?
Cleaning windscreen with potato - guzzler
Boil them, mash them and then apply to the screen. Leave for a few days before hacking off with a fork.

Or buy some screen wipes
Cleaning windscreen with potato - rory
Am I the only one that remembers that a raw potato, cut in half and rubbed over the outside of the windscreen keeps the rain off when your windscreen wipers pack up or, as was the case in my grandfather's car, the vacuum wipers were not so hot on a long uphill road.

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