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Surveillance - geoff
Any body know anyhing about the cameras on A74 just south of A75 Stranraer junction.
Placed on bridge girder below main deck.
Presumably to identify all traffic that comes from N ireland
Re: Surveillance - Stuart B
I have been led to believe there is a "nationwide" camera surveillance system going into operation at certain key points rather like the City of London ring of steel which utilise ultra sensitive digital cameras. They can read your tax disc literally, not just the date, the handwriting and the Post office stamp!

Linked to the security services they can look at occupants faces and use image recognition software to say OK here is a bad guy, lets alert the troops. Plus of course reg no recognition and so on.

Now whether this camera is one of those or just something else entirely I don't know.

Memo to ACPO and MI5, can you remind me what this system is called please?
Re: Surveillance - John Slaughter
Big Brother?
Re: Surveillance - Andy
It's called 'The Labour Party', sponsored by 'The EU'. Or is it the other way around?
Re: Surveillance - Brian
Seeing as a lot of flack is directed at the present government, did anyone actually vote for them or were the election results all spin as well?
Re: Surveillance - Andy
Brian - I got tired of the Tories in the mid 90's, so I thought I'd give NewImprovedLabour a whirl..... well, they promised us that things would change!
Boy, were they right!
I went back to the Tories this time around, as they had their 'fair deal for the motorist' pledge. It included getting rid of the M4 bus lane (and any other blatantly stupid scheme), looking at some of the more rabid anti-car schemes and less tax on petrol. I liked some of their other (non motoring) ideas too. Alas, 'twas not to be.
Maybe next time, with the help of 25 million drivers....?

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