vag diesel - benno10
I'm considering buying a high mileage 2000 'W' A4 tdi 115. Car has covered 102k, one company owner with a FASH. Can anybody give me a real world expectation of how many miles this engine and auxilaries will cover if properly maintained, with a bit of thrashing now and again but generaly driven within limits. Personal accounts would be appreciated as I would be looking at long term ownership putting about 60k miles on.
cheers Ben
vag diesel - Malcolm_L
FSH is the key, I drive a 2001 Passat TDI 130 and have had 2 years of trouble free motoring.
Difficult engine to thrash as beyond 3000rpm it's mainly academic unless you really want to accelerate desperately hard.
2 other Passat's in our fleet are at 120k and 143k respectively and the owner of the 143k is buying it.

If the mileage has been mainly accummulated on motorways then it's a fairly safe bet, do check that belts have been replaced at specified intervals though.

Best of luck
vag diesel - guss
the 115 tdi is a pumpe duise engine . full service history is essential as is the use of vw spec 50501 synthetic oil.some leasing companies have been known to skimp on the oil as its expensive and throw in cheaper alternatives. but apart from that its a great car
vag diesel - sean
The engine is truly superb. One of the most thermally efficient engines in the world.
The PD (pumpe deuse, or unit injector) engine puts a lot more loading on the cambelt than a normal high-pressure rotary pump or common rail one, so the belt needs changing every 40k miles vs 60k for a rotary pump.
VW 505 oil is essential due to the unbelievable injection pressures. We're talking 1200 bar max (about 18,000psi) sounds ridiculous, but true.
The engine won't be where your trouble is, particularly as it sounds like it's been used mainly on the motorway at warmed-up temperature, rather than lurching through town.
Suggest R. wheel bearings 150k miles
F. whl brgs 180k
Alternator 250k

(i assume fual filter every 24k, oil filter 12k, air filter 12k, fan belt 50k etc)

Built like Rocky, if you don't buy it, I would
vag diesel - andymc {P}
Also bushes, possibly shock absorbers. I had all of these replaced on my '99 Passat (same platform as Audi) and the wallowy nature of the handling became bearable. Not bearable enough for long-term ownership, however, hence my recent Rover 75 vs BMW 320 thread. Pity, because it's a great car in every other respect. In fact, if there was a way to make it handle better without upsetting the ride and tripling my insurance premiums I'd keep it. Hmmmm ...
vag diesel - teabelly
In fact, if there was a way to
make it handle better without upsetting the ride and tripling my
insurance premiums I'd keep it. Hmmmm ...

You may want to check out monroe shocks. They do some 'active' shocks that stiffen under load eg cornering. I think they are called sensa-trac.

vag diesel - Dynamic Dave
You may want to check out monroe shocks.
I think they are called sensa-trac.

I thought these had been discontinued some time ago?
vag diesel - mlj
This particular version of the ubiquitous VAG TDI was not in production for very long. I remember reading mutterings about problems with this version. Nothing specific, but it was in diesel car and came up more than once.
vag diesel - benno10
thanks for all the replies chaps, think it is going to be down to what sort of deal I can get,
cheers Ben
vag diesel - DavidHM
What's it up at?

Value my car