lets start a protest. - chris watson
a mate of mine has a chieftain tank, it been on TV, its pink, and he wants to know if any protests are going to take place, as he would love to be part of the blockade.
Re: lets start a protest. - crazed idiot



and a very polite good day to you all...
I think WE should protest. - David Woollard

Guess you are a real person as I have your home address and e-mail address from other sources. But you don't do, own or know about half you claim......do you.

One moment a hard up Lada owner asking us about insurance at £2400. Most youngsters would get that for £1000 or less as a first poicy incidentaly. And now you're the owner of a garage business and can buy any car you fancy, wonder how much your motor trade policy was for that business???

And in between times you have owned one of the most desirable classic bikes ever. If you really had that for sale I really had a genuine buyer for it...but you were thousands out on price...and as for selling it in the autotrader...get real. And your other classic bike, the DKW remember. When asked if it was a wankel you were going to ask you mechanic as you had no idea. But now you are a mechanic surely. There was only one wankel involved there!

In recent posts you advise folk on a wide range of topics that ring just too good to be true. Why lead that guy up the garden path about a car that was never made, apart from the one you mum had of course......she would wouldn't she.

Even the Citroen BX isn't sacred, you reckon you've got one of those now. If you were in the trade you'd know the car you claim to have bought for £1700 would only creep to about £250 at auction. And you advise a guy that the BX was well sorted at the end but the early Xantia's had teething troubles...that's just plain bad advice. The BX is an oddball car to most folk now and an early Xantia is a far better and more "normal" car to own. In some ways the earlier Xantia is simpler and suffers less problems than the later ones.

Problem is people visiting this site for advice may not know the details about you that we do and they might just take your advice. Pity the guy searching for that "never made" vehicle...because chris watson said he had one once.

And don't ever stand in front of your mates pink Chieftan Tank, he might just be tempted.

There is a lot of webspace wasted with twaddle of yours on this site. But not new at that are you. I see you tie up space on Yahoo Auctions with offering a bar of soap or a toilet roll cardboard roll middle for sale, just a couple of examples.

You're obviously interested in motoring so just listen/read a bit more here and only post when you really have experience of a vehicle/situation. That way you'd be welcome.

..........hesitates over the post button....but what the hell!

Re: I think WE should protest. - steve paterson
David, well said, you just beat me to it.
Re: I think WE should protest. - chris watson
i am a mechanic, and yes i do have a lada, but i search for insurance after all would anybody pay double the cost for the same insurance, its the same with parts, as i buy parts from scrapyards. the vincent that i had WAS sold in the motorbike section of the autotrader, and i have the advert i can show you, and i do not know about vincent mechanics so that is why i asked the motorcycle mechanic, not all mechanics know about everything thats got an engine. the peugoet 205 automatic did exist, i can even send you photos of when we took it on holiday. the business is called the reliable choice, and is in newcastle upon tyne, i can send you photos of that as well. the citroen BX that i have is a 1994 (L) reg, 1.6 engined, in grey metallic, automatic, very spacious, and a lovely drive, but the early xantia had a few problems, as i keep getting these cars in the garage. and the auctions that i sell are just joke auctions, like the man selling run out pens. i have had a few cars in my time and still buy and sell, so if you dont believe me then thats just tough, who are you to say all the rubbish that you have said.
Re: I think WE should protest. - David Woollard

"yes i do have a lada"......that much I believe.

From contacts I have I understand this slightly indignant and argumentative reply offering "proof" is your usual response when rumbled.

It's not in my nature to be unkind so I'll leave it at that.

Think on it.

Re: I think WE should protest. - David Woollard

Actually can't leave it at that because I want you to see the dilemma you give us in understanding your claims. One very good example has just been pointed out to me by the archbishop of canterbury who is here tonight as hes a friend of my dad.

Guy asks for advice on a good garage to service a Merc, you reply

"i use hillheads garage, in whitley bay"....

and then

"the guy i recommended is very good, i took my citroen bx in for a weld, and he only charged £25, plus when i got back to the garage to pick the car up, he had checked the engine rattle that it had, and steam cleaned the engine for free, thats what i call an excellent garage."

Didn't come across as a garage owning mechanic then did you.

Re: I think WE should protest. - chris watson
i get sick of repairing cars, so i sometimes take my cars into hillheads garage, also it does not bother me as the garage is part of our place.
Re: I think WE should protest. - chris watson
if you want i will stop coming to this website. are you happy now???
Re: I think WE should protest. - Alex. L. Dick
I must ask the Agha Khan about all this the next time he pops in for a drink...

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