Omega B coolant temp fan wiring - Bob Chen
It's so hot these days. I'm planning to modify the coolant temperature fan circuit on my '97 Omega-B MV6 to prevent heat stroke.
Hope you would provide the wiring diagrams for reference. Any copy or data would be appreciated.
Or you can tell me where to find these information on internet. thank you.
Omega B coolant temp fan wiring - Deryck Tintagel
I have the service information CDs that VAuxhall use - I'll have a look tonight
Omega B coolant temp fan wiring - Deryck Tintagel
I looked last night but couldn't find any information. Sorry.
Omega B coolant temp fan wiring - Dynamic Dave
What makes you think that the radiator fan isn't up to the job of stopping the engine from overheating?

Are you planning on having an override switch on the dash? If you look at the radiator, you should be able to easliy spot the temperature switch. Run a couple of wires from the existing connections through a heavy duty relay and use the dashboard switch to operate the relay. Personally though, I don't think it is nesessary.

As for wiring diagrams, get hold of a Haynes manual - all the wiring diagrams will be in there.
Omega B coolant temp fan wiring - Bob Chen
Deryck, thanks anyway.

Dynamic Dave,
Well, I am not going to have an additional switch on my dashboard. Though it's not a bad idea.....

As a matter of fact, the coolant temperature never runs to the red zone. 97.5 C. degree was the highest when I was stuck in the traffic. But I really hope to reduce the heat effect under the hood, eg. 90 degree. I really don't want to have another "cracking wires" experience like my ex. '96 Vectra.

That's why I'm trying to replace the thermo-switch on the radiator. But I found it was a three terminals fan switch (90458540 mark:XA) while the OPEL TIS describes that switch(S29) 100(on)-95(off) as a two terminals switch! Few days ago, I removed the radiator and that ELTH switch marks: 100/95, 110/105. At the same time, another switch(90376209) which locates on the lower part of the radiator marks: 120/115,105/100. TIS describes as:(S128-1)105(on)-100(off); (S128-2)115(on)-120(off).

These figures confuse me... that's the reason I really need to read the circuit diagrams to make sure... And It's emabarassing to say that I'm really tight these days that it's not a good idea to buy an HAYNES. Unfortunately, I could not find any wiring diagram about coolant fan in TIS either.

Thank you for your patience to read my poor English writing, Hope you can understand what I am talking about.
Omega B coolant temp fan wiring - Mark (RLBS)

In case you hadn\'t realised, Bob is not in the UK - or at least, his e-mail address isn\'t.

& Bob - your English is fine.

Omega B coolant temp fan wiring - Gen

Where are you? Is your car designated for your country or an import?

The reason I ask is that for many countries relatively significant differences are incorporated into the cars.

For example, in China, upgraded suspensions and more luxuries in the back (more chauffeurs) are common modifications. Upgraded cooling is also common. (where else can you find thousands of Citroen ZX's all with aircon?)

Just a reminder to posters that the UK car and ??? car could have some fundamental differences...
Omega B coolant temp fan wiring - smokie
I have the Haynes for Vauxhall/Opel Omega '94 to '99. Sure enough it has wiring diagrams. I don't have a clue which ones might interest you, but if you can describe in very simple terms exactly what you need I can try to scan in the relevant pages (there are a LOT of diagrams). Or if you need me to look at something specific, let me know.

The diagrams are in very fine print so I'm not sure they would scan very well. There is a choice of circuits - 100 - 1199 for early models, and 100 - 1699 for later models. In the Index to Circuits for Later Models, there is reference to Radiator Fan (AC/ECC), Radiator Fan (without AC), Radiator fan X 20 DTH and Radiator fan X 20 DTH (AC). Each of these are in different tracks, and each track has it's own circuit diagram.

I'm going to stop there as I've confused myself. But if you can help me to what you want, I will try to assist.
Omega B coolant temp fan wiring - Bob Chen
I'm sure you can help me! What I need is the circuits of radiator fan/relay/thermo-swithes. My '97 MV6 is equipped
X30XE engine with AC&ECC.
Hope not to make too much trouble. thank you!

She was manufactured in Ruselsheim, Germany, totally imported without any local modification. The most significant difference besides left drive is that there is another auxiliary coolant pump for heater core (beneath coolant compensation tank).

thank you guys.
Omega B coolant temp fan wiring - smokie
Ummmm.....lost me already

What I will do is scan and send the index pages then you tell me which diagrams you need, then we hold our breath to see whether the diagrams themselves scan OK. Check your Hotmail in about an hour from now. If you have a different email address for me to use, mail me at
Omega B coolant temp fan wiring - smokie
OK, three emails are on their way to your Hotmail account. They are the indexes to the diagrams and are about 1 mb each. Mail me back to say which diagrams you need and I will send them.
Omega B coolant temp fan wiring - Bob Chen
Sorry, I think Hotmail couldn't take that much...
Please try this one:
Omega B coolant temp fan wiring - Dynamic Dave

As you say, Bob's English is fine, which is why I probably never gave it a second thought that he wasn't in the uk. Sorry Bob.
Omega B coolant temp fan wiring - SpamCan61 {P}
The relevant part of the wiring diagram in the Haynes manual is tracks 1120 to 1130. There seem to be two switches and three realys to turn the fan on??? Haven't quite worked out how it all fits together yet!
Omega B coolant temp fan wiring - smokie
Thanks Spam. I'd sent Bob 700-799 and 1200-1299 and now I've also sent 1100-1199.

Bob, if you think you need more, just say.
Omega B coolant temp fan wiring - Bob Chen
Thanks for your great scanning. Though I really like to have them all (I'm so greedy ^_^), better get a cheap copy on Ebay...

1120~1130 seems to be those without A/C. That's why I was confused by S29 described on TIS. I think my MV6 should be 749~776, where S29 is replaced by S88 which is three terminaled. Please let me know if I made any mistake....

My English teacher must have been laughing in her sleeping...

Thank you all. And now, I'm beginning to worry about looking for a lower temperature thermo-switch.... Though I understand that OPEL(Vauxhall) must have some strong and confident reasons to keep such high temperature in our engines, But I think it's acceptable to make it between 85~90 °C.(?)

I also put some photos on the webpage:

Any suggestion and recommandation would be appreciated. thanks again.

Omega B coolant temp fan wiring - smokie
Bob - ALL circuit diagrams are now on their way to you. I'm just glad someone understands them...

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