Speed humps - busker
Read a big discussion trail a couple of days ago on this. It seems most contributors are against the things. Here's an idea to chew on:Except outside hospitals, schools etc.why not blow your horn every time you go over a speed hump? (only between 07.00 & 23.00 to comply with current legislation, of course). Local residents would soon get the council to get rid of humps in their area ( if they did'nt come out and brick your 'screen first). Hey, its just an idea.

Speed humps - sean
Because it's against the law to use the horn in such a manner.

The horn is an audible warning of approach, or some such. I don't remember the phraseology but there was a big hoo-haa in Leeds over private hire taxis, who would turn up outside the door of their fares and blow the horn.

Police reported a few and the practice diminished except in areas where the cabbie felt it was unsafe to leave his vehicle and go and knock on the door.
Speed humps - terryb
Also, as someone who has to put up with these things along his road, there's sweet pink fluffy dice residents can do to convince councils these are a bad idea. So why penalise us?

Speed humps - Thommo
Human nature Tel, you always blame the barman for the price of the drink.
Speed humps - volvoman
Sympathies Terry but unless your local authority is very different form ours, the humps are only there because someone asked for them.

The truth is that often people have demanded road humps be installed in their roads as a means to divert traffic away from their areas and then slow what remains down. Having got what they wanted, they then realise that the humps create problems of their own and suddenly nobody admits to having wanted them in the first place.

In my experience when humps are installed this is only after some form of consultation by the LA in the area affected. Sadly these exercises often reflect public apathy regarding local matters in general so a relatively few people can/do influence the decision (the same way President Flair assumed power!).

It is NOT, however, impossible to get humps removed and there have been cases where it has been done. Also current thinking here is moving away from humps as a traffic calming measure and this fact may assist your cause.

Why not start like I did i.e. by walking up/down your road, knocking on doors and asking people to sign a petition asking for the removal of the humps. That way you'll discover:

a) how many people support/oppose the humps b) how apathetic many people are and
c) just how many people will whinge on and on about something but never actually get off their bums and do something about it.

Good luck !
Speed humps - Dwight Van Driver

What you advocate could cause Plod to look out The Police Reform Act 2002 which was brought in at the beginning of this year to stop and seize motor cars, by force if necessary, if they feel that they are being driven in a manner that is likely to cause alarm,distress or annoyance of members of the public.

Make an appointment with PU quickly for he has a full book.

Speed humps - CM
What you advocate could cause Plod to look out The Police
Reform Act 2002 which was brought in at the beginning of
this year to stop and seize motor cars, by force if
necessary, if they feel that they are being driven in a
manner that is likely to cause alarm,distress or annoyance of members
of the public.


(moving off topic) does this mean that the cops can seize the mopeds from the annoying little gits who use my street as some sort of scate park/grand prix track?
Speed humps - Dwight Van Driver

If they are just churning round and round and driving inconsiderately and really annoying the residents then after a warning and they continue the Act, whilst the majority of use was for offroading etc, can be invoked.

Ploddaughter has used the Act in relation to a car and interesting whilst not charged with an offence did cost the driver coins into three fiqures for seizure and overnight storage when it was redeemed.

Have a look at


Sections 59 and 60

Speed humps - Dwight Van Driver
Should be


Speed humps - terryb
Or even

Speed humps - cockle {P}
DVD, just to confirm. Our local plod were recently pictured with their first victim in our local paper.
Some lads have been causing all sorts of grief charging around the local park and golf course on trail bikes, churning up the greens and the cricket square, as well as frightening people out walking their dogs in the adjoining fields. Plod came along and caught them and issued a warning, came back a couple of days later and caught them again, called tow truck and away went said trail bikes for a little holiday at the local pound.
In my opinion a good sensible action, stops the problem at source and gives the perpetrators time to reconsider while they save up the pennies to get their bikes back, if they ever bother.

Speed humps - terryb

Surrey must be VERY different to Kent. Nobody asked for them in our road - they were thrust upon us. Even after a "consultation" that turned them down flat. Our residents' Association has been pressing for years (and they SPONSOR district and county coucillors!) to get the damned things removed but SCC just refuse on grounds of cost! That they've dug the damned things up twice to "re-profile" them hasn't entered the cost equation. The fact that people accelerating hard then braking between humps causes more environmental damage goes way over their head. Two people killed from the old folks' home next door despite the humps means nothing to them. I've always argued for a properly enforced speed limit on our road (heavens, I'd even agree to a GATSO!) but they can't see even the revenue-earning possibilities of that.

There's a limit to how rude I can be to our councillors. So when I tow the caravan down the road it's tough on those behind that I can't do more than 10 mph over the humps. Ditto the trailer to the dump. I'm resigned to the fact that it'll take a fire engine 5 minutes longer to get to my house when/if I need one. Ditto ambulances. I can always buy an extra hosepipe, not sure about an oxygen cylinder though!

Next stop is asking for a reduction in Council Tax because they've lowered the value of our house.

However, Busker's suggestion is possibly the daftest I've seen in many a while.

Still, off to France tomorrow for 2 weeks of de-stressing. Mustn't grumble.

Speed humps - volvoman
Seems like you're lumbered then Terry - and I thought our lot were bad !

Still you've got your Hols. to look forward to - providing everyone over there's not on strike that is.

Seriously though, I don't know how long you've been fighting to get these things removed but it took some long while for our assn. to be recognised and taken seriously. Media pressure helped a lot so give that a go if you haven't already. Good luck !

Oh, and BTW you couldn't bring us back a couple of cases of Medoc could you? ;-)
Speed humps - terryb

Certainly. Margaux, Pauillac or St-Julien?

Only going to the Loire this time, working from west to east so I'm afriad I won't be getting it cheap from the petrol pump on the domaine.

Still, maybe some Touraine or Chinon....


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