Mea Culpa - sean
I have just erred. I let my MoT lapse by 3 weeks and was stopped for a spot check. I received a HORT1 to produce docs within 7 days.

I took the Golf for a new test and the tester said that's the last paper one I'll get. He showed me a card, which operates from next year and you get your car tested, they input the pass details on this card. You go to the post Office, who swipe the card and sell you road tax etc.

I went to the police station, mortified, as I've never been a motoring outlaw before.

I received a HORT2 and the pc on the counter was grinning. "Do you know what happens next? " She said.

"Something horrible" I said.

No, you won't hear anymore. That's what always happens.
So, if that's true..... WHY Mot? Why?????? etc
Mea Culpa - Marcos{P}
Same thing happened to me when I was a pup and I got a £60 fine.
That was an awfull lot to an electrical apprentice on £40 a week.
Mea Culpa - Pugugly {P}
Forces vary in their policy - some issue a Caution if the MoT
produced is anything up to a month out of date and a new one is produced - the cost of a summons (somewhere in the region of 5k) just ain't worth the bother or cost. Consider yourself warned !!
Mea Culpa - Dwight Van Driver
MOT free Excise Licence:

is the legislation dealing with the compilation of the data base and from explanatory Notes why you wont be taking a MOT to get the tub Licensed.

What worries me with all these computor information systems is G.I.G.O. and if it aint on the box it isn't in being.

Mea Culpa - sean
Hell fire DVD.

I'm not as bright as you. I'm a Yorkshireman. Please explain what you're on about, mate.

Mea Culpa - sombrueil
Happened to my hubby, he got stopped for not wearing a seat belt, found to his dismay the MOT had run out, they checked with the insurance company that he had insurance, then they just gave him a warning, the lucky man, it was Lancashire police who dealt with it, stopped near to Ormskirk.
Mea Culpa - Wally Zebon
GIGO - Garbage In Garbage Out. The information is only as good as the person who entered it.

Mea Culpa - Dwight Van Driver

Don't tell me your from West Riding or I will send FiF round to sort you out...

All it means is that Garages instead of issuing an MOT Certificate will put the fact onto a Computor base. Some garages are already putting a sticker in the window of when the next is due. So come the reminder from DVLA re excise Licence, GPO will be able to tap into the Computor base and confirm a MOT is in Force so no need to produce one. Adding to this Plod, through PNC (Police National Computor) will be able to acsertain current state without issuing a Producer. Also tied in with Automatic Number Plate Recognition equipment roadside checks will show who hasn't one and a FPN issued.

My worry is that if information is not correctly entered into the box then there could be a lot of hassle for the innocent.
Further the way things are going soon they will be able to find out how many sheets of toilet paper you used on your morning visit.

North Yorkshire (The Best of the three)
Mea Culpa - sean
Can't disagree about N.Yorks.
The roads are superb and,as a member of York Advanced Motorcyclists, I use them as God intended.

Can't believe a city the size of Leeds hasn't got one. Bradford has an IAM but it's slow and boring.

BMW's with a pipe-rack and sandal holder (2 wheeled BM's )

The York mob are OK.

Come to Squire's cafe at Sherburn in Elmet.

Thanks for your info,DVD
Mea Culpa - Dwight Van Driver
Good god Sean is that Cafe still in existence and HQ on a Sunday for the two wheeled battalion?

Last time I was there some 20 odd year ago or so was the result of a shout and finished up feeling collars.

Mind you those were the days when they wore bull horns from the top of their helmets and they ate hedgehogs and razor blades unheard of.


PS Keep away from the Helmsley - Bilsdale - Stokesley Road - two wheelers been causing problems as Kamakasi pilots and Plod paying attention with a heavy hand.

Mea Culpa - Onetap
Mea culpa, Sean?

Say three Hail Marys for your sins.

Mea maxima culpa.


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