Worst Car in the BR? - Amin_{p}
Call me sad, but this question has been driving me up the walls. I was writing my profile for the site and naturally I had to say what car I had. I then did a very fast recollection of all the other cars I have heard people drive in the BR and it made me think whether I drive the worst/cheapest car in here. Can I officially claim to drive the crappiest car in the BR? (not sure how much of an honour that is but its something!). my AX is 91, done 140k, there is no section of the body which isn?t either scratched, rusted or dented and I bought it for £200 last year, and I would guess its worth about £50-100 now. Is anyone out there who thinks my car is better than his/hers? Speak now or never !!!..... (if no one protests I will mention this honour of having the worst car the BR in my profile !!! ) . PS. no cheating here guys. This must be the car you drive everyday and use and it must have an MOT, not the banger in the back of your garage which was last used 35 years ago!!!
Worst Car in the BR? - DavidHM
My car's older than yours, the fuel gauge doesn't work and there are various minor dents and scratches all over it. Other than that though it's an absolute blinder of a car.

It's up for sale (see classifieds) at £450 with a new MoT and it more or less drives like new though.
Worst Car in the BR? - mark999
Until a month ago I has a Merc V-Class I expect your Ax is considerably more reliable.
Worst Car in the BR? - Dude - {P}
mark999 - what sort of problems did you have with your V-class Merc, - I thought they were supposed to be totally reliable ????
Worst Car in the BR? - mark999
From day 1 I had problems:-

Very poor brakes, steering vibration above 50mph (due to faulty wheels)

other problems included:- clutch replacement at 8000 miles, faulty electric windows, faulty oil level sensor, worn suspension bushes, faulty central locking.
Leaks into cabin, air suspension pump replaced twice (£700 each
if not under warranty) various rattles and vibrations.

I was very relieved when I sold it at 3 years old and a mere 19k

A quick look at the many mercedes forums on the internet shoes that the majority of this model are unreliable and that I was probably lucky not to have more serious problems - Ive seen reports of blown engines,auto boxes and total brake failure.

Worst Car in the BR? - bazza
What car are you replacing it with David? Curious to know what takes your fancy as you offer such useful advice on this board

Worst Car in the BR? - DavidHM
At the moment, nothing.

I've just finished law school, I have a job lined up assuming everything goes well, but for the time being, while I'm not earning or studying I've decided to release a little cash.

If in a couple of months I am in full time work, the current favourite is a new Mégane. I've seen 1.5 dci and 1.6 Dynamiques around the £10k mark brand new and as I don't like small, slow or thirsty cars (although the 1.5 is slow it is also brilliantly economical and cheap to insure) it'll also be less hassle. I also like my gadgets and the Mégane has loads of 'em. Of course it all depends on what deals are around when I'm actually in a position to sign on the line.

If insurance were cheaper on them, I'd be tempted to go for a Leon like the one HJ is selling, though probably a year or so older and with higher mileage to keep the purchase price down.

The old Renault got through its MoT today first time, by the way - I will miss it.
Worst Car in the BR? - Rob the Bus {P}
I think that I can now rival Amin for the cheapest car. I've just bought a 1990 Golf TD for £100! It used to be red but is now more a delicate shade of pink - I'm hoping that a day with the T-Cut will sort that. As to whether it is the worst - well, time will tell won't it!


"Smoke me a kipper, I'll be back for breakfast."
Worst Car in the BR? - DavidHM
My father had a 1991 Audi 80 2.0E in that tornado pink, I mean red, that was resprayed at 2 years 11 months and 75ish k. Good luck with T-cut but I think you may have to either find a friendly guy with a spray gun or live with it.

I hope everything goes well with the car though - I'm sure it will.
Worst Car in the BR? - guzzler
Mine might not be the cheapest at £200 but its got to be in competition for the worst.

Its an 87 Audi 100 which I think had a previous life as a dodgem car. It used to leak around the windscreen until I liberally applied some clear silicone bath sealer. Having said that, its mot'd, taxed and always starts, maybe not always first time, gets where I want it to go and other road users give it a wide berth!

And I got it from the BR classifieds!
Worst Car in the BR? - owen
i've got a £200 audi 100 too - the estate. renovating a house, so it was bought as a builder's van, and does the job excellently! Wasn't much fun to drive recently when the hydraulic pump failed though - no power steering and no brake servo - better than gym membership!
Worst Car in the BR? - volvoman
I know that I don't really qualify for this thread 'cos I got rid of the offending vehicle but I can't help mentioning my old F reg Rover 820e - what a pile of garbage!!!
The only thing that worked as it should and never went wrong was the rear view mirror !
Worst Car in the BR? - HF
Bless you for your restraint in not referring to my former car, V. It must have taken some considerable self-control to avoid the normal 'laughing at HF's expense' syndrome. ;)
Worst Car in the BR? - Amin_{p}
Thanks so much, on one hand I feel great at not being the only one who drives a ?mobile shopping cart? in the BR, and on the other I have to say disappointed at the sight of the ?title? slipping away from me!!! Nonetheless, I felt a certain feeling of pride as people came in the open about how bad their cars were. I mean normally we like to boast about the horsepower or some other macho aspect of the car. Now, this is all pure modesty in this thread!!!!

By the way Rob, my car, when I first bought it was the colour of burgundy, only after burning 100K calories whilst rubbing Turtle-Wax into the poor thing, I realised the beast was red!!! And a quick dash of bumper spray and hey presto, as good as new!!! (well, they say beauty is in the yes of the beholder ! ) . And now I tend to look at the rust as its ?personality?, I mean think about it, now other car in the world has exactly the same amount of rust in the same place, so we drive a piece of mother nature art !!! (ok getting carried away here??) anyhow, cheers for your posts
Worst Car in the BR? - Nellyspania
I drive a seat marbella 850cc.

Beat that!
Worst Car in the BR? - volvoman
Well I was going to mention your R5 HF but that pile of *&%$ can't be considered a car :-)
Worst Car in the BR? - DavidHM
Hey, leave off the elderly Renaults...

Doubt anyone can beat a Seat Marbella, except possibly with a big stick.
Worst Car in the BR? - A Dent{P}
My entry for the competition is my used every day 1989 Nissan Sunny 1.4, with only 118K on the clock. A 5 door version of the thing Top Gear torched the other month - where can I hire that jet car?.
It?s mainly red but one wing is sun bleached off colour and there are lots of red oxide primer patches (I should be giving up with that). The wheels are scabby silver/rust.
The near side has a chamfer from front to back with a lump missing from the rear door leading edge. When SWMBO ran it she said that she might have had an accident, no daring I said, you know you had one looking at the damage.
Last year the head gasket /water pump went, clock stopped working and O/S rear electric window regulator gave up. This year the autochoke is playing up and it will fail the MOT on suspension bushes. I?ll wait to see the rest of the list (Saturday) before I decide whether to scrap it. For the first four years of our 8 years of ownership it was surprisingly (to me!) reliable but it?s needed nursing the last four.
Incidently, all the spares I buy from the breakers and the donor cars are younger and in better nick than mine. Why are they there?.. I would have bought the last donor car but another one was parked on top of it. I shall miss this bangernomics (not).
Not a car to go to a school reunion in
Worst Car in the BR? - thebouncingbunny
surely i must have the worst car!i freelly admit i love it dearly(so dont tell him,marvin the paraniod dolomite"why stop now just when im hating it!")i paid £250 five years ago.its got varios dents and scrapes not down to me.reverse gear failed 10 months ago first wasnt far behind(plan every trip) .the clutch slips and leaks fluid.water(wot you dont know wont hurt!) and fuel guages dont work.(carry a can)i use this car every day for my window cleaning business.i am soon to fix the poor old beast cos i dont feel ive had my moneys worth,i usually only pay £100 for work cars....!
Worst Car in the BR? - Amin_{p}
bouncing bunny, what is your car?? you left out the most important information, D'oh !!!
Worst Car in the BR? - CM
I'll hazard a guess that it is a Triumph Dolomite.

Tell me if I'm right as I need to check my ESP!!
Worst Car in the BR? - Nsar
Slight tangent, but is the worst company car anyone's had? My first co. car when I got it was an 8yr old Datsun 120Y - yes, in that bizarre turquoise, it had 78,000 on it when I got it. Never gave me a moment's trouble though
Worst Car in the BR? - HF
Triumph Dolomite? - swooning at the very thought! ;)
Worst Car in the BR? - volvoman
Are you sure you're as young as you claim CM ? :-)

Value my car