tyre question - CM
Wonder if I could get some advice.

I notice that one of my tyres has about a 3cm cut in the side wall (from the rim outwards) and is a few mm deep.

Is this dangerous and should I change the tyre? I have a feeling that I should but any thoughts would be welcome.

tyre question - Technoprat {P}
I would change it. It strikes me that such a cut in the tyre wall is likely to be dangerous in the long run.
tyre question - TrevP
A - sort of - answer:- It is probably not repairable.

Repairs are only to tread part of tyres.
tyre question - Dizzy {P}
I would have thought that a cut that doesn't penetrate the actual structure of the tyre *might* be OK. However the only people that can answer this reliably are suitably skilled tyre depots or the tyre manufacturer.

You could ask your tyre depot to get the manufacturers to look at it and give their advice. This is a normal procedure in cases of doubt and where the tyre still has a good potential life.
tyre question - sean
This is VERY HIGHLY DANGEROUS and needs changing now.

The tyre could blow-out, putting you into a barrier or one of us, if we're driving next to you.

You would definitely fail an MoT

See link to MoT testers manual


tyre question - sean
Sorry, the link should be:


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