smart ForFour - J500ANT
Ive just read HJ's "test" of it, doesnt it look good? (Yes I know im a smart driver and somewhat biased)

Anyhow, this may interest some of you.

Anyone got any ForFour comments?
smart ForFour - lordwoody
I was prepared to sneer ( can't say Smarts are my favourite car looks-wise) but thought it looked very nice indeed.
smart ForFour - J Bonington Jagworth
I've never understood why so few cars have sliding rear seats. It seems eminently sensible to me to be able to exchange legroom and luggage space, so full marks to Smart for that, if nothing else. It looks neat, too.
smart ForFour - bafta
A seriously good looking car. If it drives as good as it looks it will sell!
smart ForFour - Citroënian {P}
That's a seriously interesting car - love the look of the interior but not sure about the patchwork appearance from outside.

I'd love to think we will get it for ?11,000 but if the coupe is anything to go by, we won't. Which will be a big shame.

I'm going to sleep on it and decide whether I could live with the barmy externals...

Thanks HJ for another very interesting article.

Oh, and if anyone goes to the website above, beware the downloadable photos are...
H U G E ! ! !

MINI adventure in progress
smart ForFour - J500ANT
Yes, sorry, those pics are H U G E !!

As for the ?11,000, the smart roadster is apparently cheaper in LHD in the UK than anywhere else in Europe (according to someone on ) so if that IS the case and the continues with the ForFour then its good news for me!

smart ForFour - daveyjp
It certainly looks the part and if it handles as well as the Roadster it should be a belter. ?11,000 is the 'net' price so excludes the share due to HM Govt. I've noticed the words 'which shall be available as an option' mentioned a lot in the press release, which can soon stack teh price up. I was in a Roadster at the weekend which retailed at close to £20,000 once all the options were taken in to account - crazy money. I'll reserve judgement until it's released which is Autumn 2004 for RHD versions.


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