Direct Choice best insurer??? - pmh
Has any body else tried getting an on line quote ? Best Brokers again see News headline.

I gave up after being asked repetitive questions, failure to recognise dates (or give formats).

How many people know the date on which they acquired a full licence in 1965? nearly 40 years - scary!

is it just my lack of patience or do other people have the same problems?

I suppose the positive thing is that the site didnt crash, it just continued to annoy me.
pmh (was peter)
Direct Choice best insurer??? - Jase
I agree with pmh

I buy my car insurance over the web each year and this is one of the worst online quote systems I have ever encountered. It is cumbersome, with far too many questions and has an amateurish look and feel to it.

When I finally got a quote it was hopelessly uncompetitive.

Rubbish IMHO. :(

Direct Choice best insurer??? - pmh
Thank you for that! I thought it was me becoming less tolerant with age.

pmh (was peter)
Direct Choice best insurer??? - Godfrey H {P}
I gave up on the Elephant quote system for the same reasons. I decided I had better things to do with my time.
Direct Choice best insurer??? - SteveH42
Well, for starters it insists you have a home phone number - I don't like giving mine out when I don't need to, but some people simple don't have a phone. Not many, but some will do. Also, it insists on knowing when you became resident in the UK even if you ticked that you were born there. (OK, some people won't have lived in the UK all their life even if born here, but I think they could assume that if the box isn't filled in)

The premium is also >£70 more than I'm paying. It seems none of these insurers or brokers that advertise cheap prices can offer them...
Direct Choice best insurer??? - pdc {P}
Well, for starters it insists you have a home phone number
- I don't like giving mine out when I don't need
to, but some people simple don't have a phone.

Why not just do as I do and put a fake one in there. Same with email address.
Direct Choice best insurer??? - fitz
Last week I gave up on Churchill after 5 attempts and eventually went to Direct Line for £5 more.
Direct Choice best insurer??? - teabelly
I used their form and thought it was cumbersome. As for remembering the dates of driving tests I usually just put in only the month and the year. If it insists on a day number then I put in the first day of the month. I didn't have a problem with the date formats as I usually use d/m/y and that is accepted in most online forms.

If they insist on a phone number and I don't want to give it then I put in 0123 45678 which is obviously fake to a human but their computerized system won't mind.

It was one of the longest forms I filled in and I was disappointed with the resulting quotes but it is actually a good idea. It asks all those questions because they're on other quote sites I have used so sometimes the similar questions are asked because the online company they are passing the information to wants it expressed in a slightly different way.
Direct Choice best insurer??? - eMBe {P}
HJ has given the response of Direct-Choice to these criticisms.

I too have taken the trouble to contact other Companies who ask for seemingly unnecessary details. In four cases, they have reacted positively and changed the forms (a large High Street Bank is one). I use the Company's attitude and response on such matters to judge whether they should get my business. If they can justify their need for the information, that is fine. If they give an unsatisfactory reply, I go elsewhere.

For example, a Company that is so fussy that it asks for trivial details, it may indicate that they will look at your claim in a similar fashion and throw it out for trivial reasons. On the other hand, if a Company is asking for important specific details, it can indicate that they are meticulous about their work and will look after you in a similar fashion. It is down to you to judge whether the Company is being fussy or meticulous.
Direct Choice best insurer??? - richard price
Try a site i have no connection but used twice. you only have to enter your details the once, it searches all the sites they are with you then link directly to your chosen insurance company.
Richard Price
Direct Choice best insurer??? - PhilW
I find Direct Line easy to deal with, on line or on the phone. Didn't think quotes were bad either. £182 for my old BX fully comp (must be worth at least £250!) and when I rang up to insure my new Berlingo HDi they said I'd get a refund if £16 for the year - it's cheaper! (both, by the way have £16.80 extra for motor legal protection, whatever that is). Mind you, you aren't insuring the value of the car as such are you, it's if you hit something or someone (heaven forbid) and are faced with a massive claim.
Direct Choice best insurer??? - Cyd
Yes, Direct Choices site is awkward to use, but I persevered and they were the cheapest for the wife and have remained so for three years now.

Funnily enough they couldn't come close to Tesco for me. Strange I thought, but then the two cars are at opposite ends of the insurance grouping spectrum (wifes = grp3, mine grp17) so maybe that tells you something about their target clientelle.

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