Fiat Stilo - OrtonMark
I'm thinking of buying a Fiat Stilo. There's quite a few at the car supermarkets and they seem very reasonably priced. They are reputed to have German build quality but has anybody had any experience of them?
Fiat Stilo - Miat
they are carp

no one wants to buy them

they arnt selling

any money is too much money for them

go buy a toyota instead, itll be cheaper in the long run
Fiat Stilo - SkyMan
Off topic but you're not Mark from Orton Wistow who used to work for Global Payments are you?
Fiat Stilo - OrtonMark
Just a general thank you to all who replied to my question. Obviously you're not great fans of Fiats!

And no, I'm not Mark from Orton Wistow!

Thanks again.

Fiat Stilo - teabelly
My dad test drove a jtd dynamic that was a year old. The interior was a bit naff in the door trim area but it felt a solid enough car. For the money they are excellent value and the jtd engine is one of the best diesels. I have not tried a petrol engine. They might go wrong more than a toyota but they usually cost a lot less to fix when they do. Fiat dealers themselves can be a bit hit and miss but that is probably true of most manufacturers. I don't know if you are anywhere near Knutsford but Mangoletsi fiat are claiming to match internet and import prices on their cars. I am assuming they are uk supplied.

I'd buy one if I was looking at getting that size of car. They seem to look their best in darker colours.
Fiat Stilo - DavidHM
I think the best that you can hope for with a Stilo is that it won't depreciate more than a similar sized but better car and that it will at least be cheaper to buy.

JTD is a good engine but despite its name the car has zero style and zero image. It's not especially fast, practical or good to drive. It's not Korean but it might as well be.

If it's at least £2k cheaper than an equivalent Focus and is nearly new rather than an import or pre-reg, it's worth a look.
Fiat Stilo - henry k
They might go wrong more than a toyota but they
usually cost a lot less to fix when they do. Fiat
dealers themselves can be a bit hit and miss but that
is probably true of most manufacturers.

If you have a dealer within a reasonable distance.
From the Kingston area of SW London, hardly a remote rural location, I have to travel about 10 miles to the nearest FIAT spares dept. The quickest one to get to is in Guildford. Very time consuming. It would have to be a very good deal to tempt me.
Fiat Stilo - sean
Fiat have just announced today that 12,000 of their workers are being axed (not literally) as the company struggles with billions of losses as their cars are under-developed and under-invested in.

This is their 3rd restructuring in 22 months.

Get a VW GOLF.

Don't buy a Stilo as you'll regret it when GM takes the remaining 80% of Fiat that they don't already have. (option with 9 months at equiv 26p per share)

Fiat Multipla 600m to develop a car that nobody wants.
Rest my case.
Fiat Stilo - king arthur
Rest my case.

Not sure I quite understand what your case is. Should we avoid buying cars made by any company that is making a loss? It wouldn't leave a lot of choice, would it?
Fiat Stilo - sean
We are here to help our colleagues.
Read the comments about Fiat above.

I don't know what your experience is, but accept people's comments about:

Betamax, much better pictures than VHS
Philips digital cassette far better than Sony
Ondigital. No messing with a Sky dish
BL cars.
Relax, it's a Rover.

Fiat won't be here much longer IMHO.

Car Cos making profits. Not much choice?

BMW, VW, Audi, Skoda, Mercedes, Honda, Toyota, Ford, GM, Lexus,Subaru, Mitsubishi,.....

Invest in the future. Bury the dead.
Fiat Stilo - teabelly
Ford are close to filing for bankruptcy apparently too so it is not just fiat. I think people are snobby about fiat and believe the worst they read. Look at french cars, abysmal reliability records and bad customer service yet more people seem to stick up for them. If the last reliability survey was anything to believe then fiat were in the top 5 so they must have improved things or every car now comes with a lucky rabbit's foot ;-)

Fiat Stilo - OrtonMark
I tend to agree with you. Fiat got a bad reputation for metal worm but then they galvanised all their cars and as for their reliability often the "type" of people who bought them were looking for a cheap car but were not prepared to spend on regular servicing. I've had Fiats or Lancias for sometime now and have always stuck to the prescribed service intervals and have had no problems.

I've taken Fiat Tipos both petrol and diesel models over to France and Italy on long hot drives with no problems and always been mildly amused at seeing the Volvos with their bonnets up and their owners looking bemused!
Fiat Stilo - teabelly
Cars seem to be best suited to their country of origin which could be why german cars do well here as the climate is similar. Italian cars are used to dry weather so the british humidity is bound to make a difference. Anything swedish would cope admirably in the cold but I can imagine that hot weather would always be a relative problem.

Having had the misfortune to drive a Ford Ka I can't see why people love them. Worst gearbox I have ever experienced! It is all down to taste I think. You either love italian cars or you dislike them intensely.

Yes they're unreliable sometimes, not always built well and sometimes the dealers are monkeys but italian cars have some spirit that you just don't find in other makes.

Lancia are supposed to be returning to the UK next year (hopefully they still will) which is great news I think. They are supposed to be specialising in low volume sports/luxury cars. A new integrale has also been mentioned :-)
Fiat Stilo - Mattster
Spirit? After owning a 4 year old Alfa 156 for a year, I had the spirit knocked out of me and had to turn to spirits to blot out the damage it was doing to my bank balance! It was so bad that I had to sell it as quick as possible and am now without a car!

Now I\'ll probably turn to Honda...
Fiat Stilo - Steve S
"I've taken Fiat Tipos both petrol and diesel models over to France and Italy on long hot drives with no problems and always been mildly amused at seeing the Volvos with their bonnets up and their owners looking bemused!"

You are not seriously suggesting that because you've seen a Volvo with it's bonnet up that all Fix It Again Tonys are now top of the reliability stakes?

It could be that they never got out of the garage.

You don't have to surf far into problem motor sites to see how far (or not) Fiat have come. They can't even match what they have done with Alpha - now there's faint praise because those (great driving stylish cars) are still sucking badly in terms of reliability problems.

Fiat Stilo - teabelly
Don't mean to be a pedant but it is spelt Alfa! Not alpha. Sorry the incorrect spelling really bugs me :-)

Fiat have turned around alfa and now it is profitable it should have given them enough cash to turn fiat themselves around. Unfortunately the stilo not selling and the multipla not selling have made such a big hole in finances that this is going to be more difficult.
Fiat Stilo - Steve S
"Don't mean to be a pedant" You are and I don't normally make that error (result of haste).

I know how to spell Alfa I've had too much practice trying to reject them on behalf of our fleet (eight cars - six with problems, two of them terminal).

So if that's turned round, God help them. I have always loved the style and the drive but o boy!

As for Fiat, well some called the Multipla innovative.

I thought it was (as Sir Humphrey would say) brave!

The Stilo? Bland. Bland and iffy build quality. You can do one of those if the other is "top drawer", but not both.

Fiat Stilo - Altea Ego
>Car Cos making profits. Not much choice?

>BMW, VW, Audi, Skoda, Mercedes, Honda, Toyota, Ford, GM, >Lexus,Subaru, Mitsubishi,.....

>Invest in the future. Bury the dead.

Making money? BMW (loads) VAG group (just) Mercedes with Chrysler (nope) Ford (nope) GM (nope) Toyota - including Lexus (Barely) Honda (making a loss in UK, barely making money world wide) the list goes on.

The only healthy mainstream car company profits wise are BMW.

Anyway regarding getting a Fiat Stilo, this argument is fautous.

I would not purchase a Fiat, they have too many failings for me. The fact that my leasing company will not supply cars from Fiat/Alfa group due to very bad dealer service, and reliability issues speaks volumes. Pity really the later Alfas are not bad cars (and lookers to boot).
Fiat Stilo - bartycrouch
The following tale has been the same ever since I was in short trousers:

New FIAT comes out. Motoring press say how much better built it is than the previous model. There is a modicum of truth in this, except in the meantime most other manufacturers have raised the quality game even further so Fiats are still where they were - i.e. regarded by suspicion by the general public.

The prices are tempting but don't forget it will be very cheap to sell. The industry pundits have been predicting a reduction in the number of car-makers for years now and FIAT does look increasingly vulnerable.

Fiat Stilo - Godfrey H {P}
Save your money and buy something else. The gear box is rubbish, you need two hands to change gear. Depreciation is astronomic people are staying away in droves.
Fiat Stilo - TrevP
"They are reputed to have German build quality"


Also possible for them to have made GIANT progress since Bravo.

Again unlikely.

This year's J D Power User Satisfaction survey:-

Bottom of Supermini group - FIAT Seciento, FIAT Punto
Bottom of Small Car group - FIAT Brava, Peugeot 307, FIAT Bravo
Bottom of Family Car group - FIAT Marea, Vauxhall Vectra
Fiat Stilo - blank

I had one on hire about 12months ago and drove it a couple of hundred miles in a day. So at least I have some limited direct experience of the car in question.

I wanted to like the car because it looked good and had had some favourable write-ups. I thought that the interior looked cheap and badly designed, the fabrics were rather poor, nylony and looked like they wouldn't wear very well.
Driving position was nothing very special, couldn't really get comfortable and the drivers seat was totally unsupportive.
Engine (1.8 petrol IIRC) was very noisy and thrashy, though had reasonable (but nothing more) power. Brakes were mushy, tyres squealed at relatively low cornering speeds which didn't give me much confidence in the rather rolly handling. Ride was reasonably comfortable.

I have also driven recent Focus, Astra and Civic all of which are, IMHO, far superior to the Italian. I would even rate the rather ridiculous Peugeot 307 reverse tardis as superior.

My advice would be to buy just about any competitor of the Stilo instead, unless it is absolutely irresistably cheap.

Fiat Stilo - lordwoody
I've no experience of Stilos but plenty of Fiat experience, and I've also had a number of Saabs so feel I am able to make some comparisons between"quality" cars and Fiats. I've had less trouble with Fiats than Saabs and what has gone wrong has been much cheaper to fix on the Fiats. Italian cars always have a bit more style than the equivalent European manufacturers and their sense of design always comes through. Take a look at the Technical discussions and see how many people have problems with Fords and VWs- they';re no way the faultless motoring experience that some people would have you believe. The biggest problem with Fiats in the past has been rust which, with the introduction of galvanised bodies is a thing of the past. The best thing to do is drive one-they may not be to your liking or the liking of other posters but plenty of people like them and have positive experiences. I don't doubt Japanese cars have better reputations than any others for reliability but I for one wouldn't be seen dead in one- grandad cars!
Fiat Stilo - OrtonMark
Thanks for your reply.

One of the best ways of trying a car is to hire one for a day or so and see what you think. So I may do this.

It\'s interesting you mention Saabs as I used to drive them but gave them up when they became too expensive to buy and maintain. Although I did love my yellow Saab 96 V4! What an engine and what a fun car!
Fiat Stilo - Tonker
It may also be helpful to the doom-mongers about insolvency to consider the difference between filing for protection against bankruptcy (United Airlines and any number of US companies), administration (Leicester City etc) and liquidation, going bust whatever. In different countries there are different procedures and different risks (usually for the creditors of the company concerned). Ford of America is likely to be concerned about protection from its creditors and hence looking at a 'Chapter 11'event. I understand it is in a cash poor situation rather than it is actually at risk of going under/having its cash flow severed - I wish the same could be said of Jaguar at the moment. It does not mean that it is bankrupt or going to be bankrupt. With regard to Fiat, I have had no direct contact with the transactions entered into for the saving/prolonging/planned extinction of Fiat Auto directly, but would be surprised if the people who put the money up (provided they are not Italian and hence there is a 'public interest' in supporting one of the country's biggest employers and brands) have not looked at the downside of their investment. They are not noted for pouring too much good money after bad (ignoring dotgones). I should be interested to know whether the Palio and the Chinese investments are getting a return on their money yet - anyone know ?

My interest would be raised (from an enthusiasts level) if Fiat Auto were to be broken up - with my jingoistic specs on, would MGRover be able to get anything good out of the deal. Presumably the Germans (BMW, VW or even DC) would be looking at Alfa Romeo to platform share and a bit of brio/style/je ne sais quoi (sorry struggle unless its lingua franca) on the cheap.

But Rover could get its mits on some useful technologies and some cheap robots (hopefully not the same ones that built the Strada!) to start to weld the new midsize car properly - in my [recent experience of Fiats - they don't rust [anymore] and they hardly ever actually break down terminally, but the number of wires is directly proportional to the amount of rattles [girlfriend's Punto S and a couple of Ducatos and one Coupe 16V turbo) - the Latin ethos of buy it cheap with as little spec as possible seems to work - look at the amount of 205 Styles, Renault Cinq TLs, Panda, Uno 45S and Citroen AX10Es that survive as opposed to 205GTXs, 5 Monaco/GTXs, Uno SXs, Panda 4 wheel drive things and AX TRDs that live on.
Fiat Stilo - OrtonMark
This is a very valid point you make. As dealers are increasingly coming under pressure from other suppliers and margins are diminishing, the only way they can recoup the lost revenue is through increasing service charges. And of course, the more complex your vehicle the more expensive it is to maintain. Better to buy low spec vehicles provided you aim to keep the car for a prolonged period.
Fiat Stilo - Nellyspania
If fiat are such financial dire staights why do they pump hundreds of millions into Ferrari's F1 team? Or is that about to change and give the other teams a chance? :)
Fiat Stilo - Baskerville
If fiat are such financial dire staights why do they pump
hundreds of millions into Ferrari's F1 team?

Because it's very cool. What other reason is there for spending money on anything?
Fiat Stilo - Godfrey H {P}
Book an appointment with your physio for the day following your Fiat Stilo hire!
Fiat Stilo - PR {P}
Fiat came in second place in the warranty direct reliability / cost to repair survey. Of course Fiat detractors will say this is nonsense, but there must be something in it! I would say test drive it, if you like it, buy it. They are good cars. Also the bit about them not selling isnt exactly true, it`s just that Fiat had unrealistic targets! PS Bought an Alfa 156 GTA in Jan, 5500miles later, not one thing wrong, superb car! (touch wood!)
Fiat Stilo - AR-CoolC
My new Multiwagon arives on Tuesday, I'll keep you informed as the miles stack up ( 30000 pa ).
As I've said in another post, lots of car for the money, and I actually like the styling.
Fiat Stilo - PR {P}
I agree, its one of the few cars that looks better in estate form IMHO!
Fiat Stilo - Altea Ego
As has been reported Muhammed Saeed al-Sahaf, the Iraqi information minister has surfaced in Baghdad. There was a Fiat Stilo parked outside. "it may be built by western infidels, but its the finest car I have ever had" he is reported as saying

Sorry - its Friday
Fiat Stilo - sean
And what has he had before?

How many Iraqi cars can you quote?

Who, in their right mind would buy a Fiat?

I don't believe all the accounting nonsense that Co's come up with to say whether they're profitable or not.

The fact is that Fiat has had 3 major refinancing operations in 22 months as they are bleeding to death.

People losing their jobs sends me a clear message.
Success breeds success and nobody could say that about Fiat, could they?
Fiat Stilo - lordwoody
I was under the impression that posters were not supposed to insult others-questioning the sanity of any one who owns a car that you dislike is insulting to me. You have your opinion, others have different ones. I have seen many Fiats on the road this afternoon, obviously a lot of insane people out there. Presumably if they're such awful cars HJ will have given the Punto a terrible write-up-oops no, quite a good one, presumably he's insane too? "How many Iraqi cars can you quote"- what on earth has that got to do with anything?
I have had many cars, some prestige, others more ordinary, and that includes quite a few Fiats and they've all served me well with no more problems than any other car. In a recent Classic and Sportscar magazine article about the best used sportscar under £10000 the Fiat Barchetta was high on the list of favourites of numerous motoring pundits questioned-no doubt they're all insane too?
Fiat Stilo - NorthernKev {P}
Sean, the guy was joking at best and trying irony at the worst.

I have a Fiat Punto, it has broken down once, its problem? Out of fuel...

Not a problem with it since.

Sure it rattles a bit at about 95, but hey! That'll do me for a car that is still the best looking supermini around!

Am I insane? Oh know, I can't answer that! Catch 22?

Fiat Stilo - J500ANT
Im a bit anti FIAT for two reasons:

I had one (Punto Sporting) for 7 months and it lost 50% of new list price. And it leaked, but that was sorted and it never let me down and had bags of room.

Partner had one (WV51UKU for the poor sucker who bought it from Great Trade Centre) which had the following work done since Sept 2001.
Starter motor x 6 / Flex plate x 4 / ignition switch x 4 / engine x 1 / gear selector (auto) x 3 / body computer x 2. His still leaks and rattles like a rattling thing when started from cold.
That car was a rogue car, simple as that. I bought mine after he had his because I know many Punto owners who are dead chuffed with their cars, no problems at all.

However, FIAT UK are useless at customer care, all calls are handled by an agency in Bristol who try to fob you off, then they get faxed to the dealer for their comments, then it may go to FIAT in Slough to be looked (or laughed) at! With my partners car we were told by the FIAT zone manager that his car had cost more to repair than to build new. Now if that was Ford or Vauxhall they would almost certainly have swapped the car, not FIAT. We had to get the finance company to take it off our hands!

So we\'ve had plenty of experience with Stilo\'s as loan cars, all were basic jobs but very pleasant. The fabric is nylony because its made of nylon like most Fiats seat are! The plastics seemed to be of high quality, the level of kit for the price was quite amazing! I think that most (if not all) Fiats make sense as ex-hire or demo cars with 40% off new price, and also the base models seem to be the best value. I was also told by the service manager that (on no account) should I even entertain the purchase of a Stilo Abarth, they are VERY problematic!

Should you buy a Stilo? Im not getting involved!


Fiat Stilo - T Lucas
I would be intrested to know what makes a Barchetta high on the list of favorite sportscars under £10,000(they really are thrown together sheds,imho)
Fiat Stilo - lordwoody
I can't remember who else chose it but Tiff Needell did.
Can't say I think it's that attractive . I assume from your comment that you have owned one?
Fiat Stilo - PR {P}
I agree with all you said above Lordwoody. My family have several Fiats varying in age, a few have had a few minor problems but on the whole, they are all very good (some have non fiats which have had problems aswell, including BMW and VW). People who have no experiance of them just slag them because they've read something bad about them!

I agree that their customer services need to improve however
Fiat Stilo - teabelly
Perhaps we could make it the subject of a poll?

Have you ever owned a fiat and do you think they're great or utter pants? Answers: yes & great, yes & pants, no & great, no & pants. Should settle the argument once and for all!
Fiat Stilo - THe Growler
Well pants are for wearing, cars are for driving.

Last January upon arrival at LHR after 27 hours of travel at the mercy of an airline which shall remain nameless but has its base in a country whose military exploits are defamed by that famous hacked Google pic, I was issued with a car by a person at Hertz whose demeanour would have been improved by lessons in proper spoken English, a bucket of Clearasil and some orthodontic work on a disabling overbite.

Obviously after all this I was not in the best of form to appreciate whatever it was I was driving, but I do know I hated it from the moment I got in it. I hate small cars anyway but this one seemed more hate-able than usual. As my journey to Norfolk progressed I got more and more annoyed by the buzzy engine, the smell of plastic, and the graunchy gearshift. I kept thinking, as a lifelong Ford fan, my God these guys over here have lost the plot, this Fiesta's the worst Ford I've ever driven. It runs out of breath every time you try and overtake something, it feels dangerously light, has an impenetrable set of LED's in the middle of the dash, and is unforgettably nasty.
If this is the best Ford can do next time I'll ask for a Vauxhall or something.

So I reach Norfolk, park in the lot outside my sis-in-law's farmhouse, get greeted, fed, beered, and retire to a warm bath to replace my bodily parts where God intended them to be and have a sleep.

When I awake, sis-in-law, calls upstairs and says "I hope it's OK, I took your car keys and moved your Punto so I could get the Volvo in"...........
Fiat Stilo - sean
I don't think we need a guide dog to see what most people think and haven't people voted with their feet already?

Look at Sky NewsActive today, in the financial section, where Agnelli, the Fiat owner, admits that his cars have not kept up with developments (of other manufacturers) in recent years.

Why do you think he's closing factories and sacking 12,000 people?

Because his cars are not selling.

Why not?

Look at the word "carp" in one of the first posts above.

See if you can work it out.
Fiat Stilo - PR {P}
brilliant logic
Fiat Stilo - lordwoody
Are you Sean the brilliant all round analyst of the worlds motor industry and irony-free zone?
Fiat Stilo - sean
No, Sean the guy who doesn't want somebody who's asked for help being stuck with the motoring equivalent of Betamax, Philips Digital cassette etc etc. Try and read through the replies above.

Everyone can tell you after you've bought something just what a waste of money it is.

This guy's done it properly and asked beforehand about a potential money-pit.

Credit to him. No credit to us if we don't point out our knowledge, reading and experience.
Fiat Stilo - teabelly
New cars are always a waste of money in some respects. If you don't pay for it in the cost of servicing and maintenance the depreciation will get you. The AA have a pence per mile calculator of running costs on new vehicles which includes cost of fuel, depreciation, road tax, insurance etc.

A 1.6 golf petrol 5 door base model is 53p a mile for 10k a year, kept for 3 years. A stilo 1.6 petrol base model is 50p a mile for the same criteria, 45p a mile for a 1.6 corolla base model. I don't know how the spec differs between the 3 makes on their base models though.
Fiat Stilo - andymc {P}
Right, time to come clean - I owned a Punto. In fact, I owned two. About 10 months after passing my test I knew nothing whatsoever about cars, and the 309 we had bought a couple of years previously for £900 was dying a death so it was time to look around. Insurance costs were phenomenal for me as a NQD, so a three year PCP insurance deal on a Punto seemed like the best option. I only drove it occasionally, as I was still working from home at the time and my wife used it during the week for her short commute. But a few months later, I was offered a job I wanted to take, so needed another motor for commuting. Again, the 3 years' free insurance beckoned, so we ended up with two.
They were zippy enough, and refined in comparison with the then 13-year old Pug, and they didn't really have any mechanical or electrical problems. But wasn't until I got into the routine of driving 600 miles a week that I started to wonder if the insurance deal was worth it.
There was absolutely no back support in the seats, and the offset accelerator meant I was constantly twisting my right ankle inwards. I still get a twinge in that ankle today, two years after I last drove either of them. The driving position was appalling - either my knees were up around the steering wheel, or the wheel was too out of reach - I'm a normally proportioned 5'10", not an orang-utan! This made the discomfort in my back even worse. I came to dread the prospect of going any distance over 20 miles, and regretted being tied into the finance/insurance deal. Once I reached the halfway point in the payment scheme, I terminated the deal on first one and then the other. In the end, I was glad to see them go.
Fiat Stilo - sean
You can't help but feel sad for Fiat.
How the mighty have fallen.
Lots of people are now losing their jobs as the cars are no longer competitive.
Why ever not?
How is it that VW group can gradually take over:
Audi, Seat, Skoda, Bentley, Lamborghini, etc and we delight in the quality of something like my Golf, yet companies who were on the crest of a wave suddenly find themselves in queer street and their employees pay the price?

My sole driver in my comments above has been to prevent a fellow motorist from making a painful mistake. I'm sure if he'd bought a Stilo, time would say it was just that. A mistake.
Fiat Stilo - bartycrouch
Some of the biggest problems for FIAT are a rapidly diminishing market share at home, combined with a slow market for cars generally. Their credit rating has taken a blow and that may make it hard to finance the changes thaey need to make.

However, I wouldn't count them out yet, if they can get a grip on the gaps in their product range and offer the consumer something different in the market, they have a chance.

However what you can't do is make something that looks like a Golf but is not percieved as "Golf Quality" by the customers. It just ends up falling between two stools.

Everyone in the industry knows that there are more euroboxes being made than there are customers. Cars with weak images will be the losers.

Fiat Stilo - PR {P}
Yes, I think they`ll survive however. This new round of job loses is mainly in other Fiat companies, especially the agricultural machinery arm, New Holland and Iveco.
Fiat Stilo - addy-boy
Ello folks!

This is my first post in the BR! Having worked selling Fiats for 18 months until very recently, I am the first to admit that they have their fair share of problems. However, upon speaking to other local dealers when underwriting etc.. which we used to do, their cars were just as bad, and that included Ford, Hyundai, Volkswagen and Citroen, who at one time at 13 C5's off the road all with un-diagnosable (is that a word!!) electrical gremlins. I could reel off countless customers with 100k mile plus punto's, bravo/brava's, uno's etc.. who only visited for routine servicing (and for all you sceptics out there, they didn't go elsewhere for non-scheduled jobs either!)

As for Stilo's, the car I had as a demo was a 1.9JTD Dynamic 3dr, and because it was one of the first of toe production models, it had Sat Nav, Air Con, Cruise, Xenon lights etc.. none of which went wrong in the 6 months/ 15,000 miles that I had it. We had two Stilo's back within the first 6 months of them being on sale, one for an Throttle Potentiometer (one of the few faults with the JTD engine) and the other for a replacement CD unit which had failed - not bad really for a car that is supposed to be a carp. However as with any car, you can get a good one or a bad one.

On a slightly different note, I own a 1991 H-reg Uno Turbo which has done 145k and is as sweet as a nut, uses no oil in between its 6k oil changes and has 1 small spot of rust on the rear o/s wing.

Hope this helps.

Value my car