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Im thinking of getting a Sat nav system for the new shape primera (Nissans own btw) and i was wondering if anyone has a sat nav system and they could give me some info on charges. Do u have to pay monthly fees or anything like that, i know i would have to buy a map cd but does anyone have a rough idea on how much they are? and are there anyother fees i need to know about.

Thanx for any help
sat nav info - DavidHM
Can't comment on the specific system, but GPS satellites are there whether you use them or not, so there are no charges.

However, if you want the car to know where you are (e.g., on a bypass, not in a field) and wnat to avoid being directed down roads that are closed or no longer there, you will have to buy regular map updates. The system should come with at least a current map of the UK, maybe the whole of Europe if you're lucky, as standard.

I think the going rate for a map update is usually about £100.

Oh and unless it's the funky one that integrates with the screen in the dash, don't bother getting it. Manufacturers' standard DIN systems are invariably rebadged from other manufacturers, often the Becker TrafficPro.

Sony do a rebadge of it as well;
sat nav info - Marcos{P}

Just make sure it is a DVD multimedia type and not the older CD sort, apparently the CD type are just so last year.
I think David is right about the update costs, usually about 100 squid for a new disc, but you shouldn't have to change it very often, just once a year or every other year the speed we manage to build roads.
sat nav info - J.B.
You might like to consider a slightly different approach, namely Smartnav. I have no connection with them and no axe to grind but their system has some really good benefits. You can see their multi-page ads in car mags etc or visit their web site at www.smartnav. The great thing is that you never need to buy update discs, which are about £110,and all the live traffic info is fed into and automatically offers a re-route if necessary. The downside is that you dont get a fancy map, but that can be a plus if you dont want to spoil the look of your dash. (or get it nicked). The whole shebang including 4year subscription is about £1000.
sat nav info - Jim M
Can any of these systems be loaded with "Danger spots / Camera locations"? It would save having a seperate system eg Road Angel.
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I've had SmartNav for a month or so now and am quite impressed. About £625 to supply and fit. £120 per year for routes, mapping info always bang up to date (unlike DVDs) and live and historic traffic info used as input to routing.


Routing rules seem a little rigid (sometimes seems to try too hard to stick to your stated preference for mway or non-mway - but once you realise how it's working you can get round that)
Not usable abroad
Would like updated ETA during journey, not just at start (although its always been uncannily accurate so far)


Automatic re-routing around incidents/jams
Automatic re-routing if you drift off route
Can call SmartNav control to find nearest fuel/cash dispenser etc
Voice instructions, not screen (although I'm told they will be bringing that out as an optional extra soon)

I also have the GPS speed camera location service (£6 per month) but not the stolen vehicle tracking service

I like it and would recommend it. Money well spent, but you might prefer a screen so that people know you have satnav...?

SmartNav has a phone aerial mounted alongside the front windscreen pillar, a GPS receiver in the corner of the windscreen, a button on the steering wheel surround, a mike over the interior mirror and a speaker in the passenger footwell (and some gubbins somewhere behind the dash)
sat nav info - jeds
Try navcity for reviews.

I'm considering 'Streetpilot iii Deluxe' or 'Navman ICN-630'
sat nav info - Marcos{P}
In case your interested I had a Compaq handheld P.C. that just sat about not doing an awfull lot. I saw an advert for a NAVMAN gps system that uses the Compaq so I bought it.
It's brilliant, works very well, good sized screen, very clear voice instructions and it just hangs off the windscreen with a fancy sucker thing so when not in use it can be easily removed and stored safely.
It covers the whole of Europe and cost about £350 for the GPS jacket and software but you have to have the compaq handheld PC as well.
sat nav info - corblimeyguvnar
but do not buy from them!!!
good website etc, very questionable after sales service!!!!!
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sat nav info - pdc {P}
Well I've been happily using my MAvman GPS500 for the past 18 months, no problems. But then I've had no need for aftersales support.
sat nav info - corblimeyguvnar
unfortunately my navman went wrong after 1 month and it is damn near impossible to get hold of navcity by phone, email etc, eventually tracked down the managing director, for what it was worth!
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