Herald clutch - help please! - Cambridge
Herald 13/60, 1969.

Clutch has failed.

Can anyone talk me through what I have to do to replace it.
And in what order.

Thank you.
Herald clutch - help please! - Adam Going (Tune-Up)
Really far to much to write here, I am afraid. Strongly suggest you buy or borrow a Haynes workshop manual which will tell you all you need to know. Some public libraries will have these, at least in refernece section. Before rushing into replacement you need to be sure that the clutch itself has "failed" and it is not just a release/operating mechanism fault. What are the symptoms ?

Regards, Adam
Herald clutch - help please! - Cambridge
Hello Adam, thank you for your reply.

Had to be towed home last night :-(
In gear, engine revs but car does not move.
Pedal is attached and fluid is in place.

Does the gearbox have to be dropped down?
I assume I have to remove the selector/gearlever mechanism?
Should it come out attached to the bellhousing?

Herald clutch - help please! - jc
Sounds like clutch plate centre has come apart but could also be g/box failure.Doesn't the tunnel come out in these cars so you can work from the inside?
Herald clutch - help please! - cholin
It is more years ago than I care to think about since I changed a Herald clutch, mine was an early 1200 but my memory is that it is extremely easy. Seats out, tunnel off and most if not all off the job can be done from inside. I think if you take the gear lever assembly off at the gearbox it makes life even easier. The tunnel can take a bit of wangling. The suggestion about the Haynes Manual is good in spite of the childish remarks on T'op Gear' about them. But look round the job first because due to Haynes' comprehensive approach you can sometimes find yourself dismantling more than you need. (You can also find yourself saying "So that's why they said take that off.")
Herald clutch - help please! - terryb
Again, it's a good few years since I dabbled with one of these, but...

When SWMBO had a similar problem, it was nothing to do with the clutch but the rear bearing on the crankshaft had worn so much it wasn't driving the clutch plates.

Cost was a recon engine (there are 2 types for the 13/60 with 3 or 5 bearings on the shaft).

Not that I want to worry you :o(

Herald clutch - help please! - Cambridge
I don't like the sound of that!
Not started stripping it down yet...I'm waiting for inspiration...
Herald clutch - help please! - Adam Going (Tune-Up)
As others have pointed out, total and immediate clutch failure is rare, but possibilities include centre plate failure and gearbox failure. However, you will get exactly the same symptoms with a differential or half-shaft failure.

With the engine running, handbrake on, and both front wheels chocked, engage any gear and observe the propshaft (runs from gearbox to back axle). If propshaft is turning the failure is either the differential or a half-shaft, in either case you need to be opening the back axle to find the problem. If the propshaft is not rotating you are indeed looking at a clutch or gearbox failure.

Regards, Adam
Herald clutch - help please! - John S

As the car has no drive even with a gear engaged, the problem is likely to be clutch or gearbox failure. You don't say if you had any signs of clutch slip before failure, and that's unusual. It's possible the centre plate has sheared, or the pressure plate has failed both of which will be obvious on dismantling, but usually the clutch gives some warning. The other possibilty is failure of the gearbox - it could be selector failure - so no gears are being engaged, but shearing of the output shaft is more likely. I've seen that happen before and it produces a sudden failure.

Whether it's clutch or gearbox, the gearbox has to come out to investigate, and I recall that these are quite accessible when the gearbox cover is removed from the passenger compartment. I'm sure the relevant Haynes manual will give the info. you need.

Even if it's a gearbox failure, check the condition of the clutch and consider replacing it while the 'box is out.


John S
Herald clutch - help please! - Big John
Further back down the thread someone said that total clutch failure was rare. I agree it is rare on a newish car but on a very old car that does low mileage either the clutch plate friction material eventually just disintigrates causing sudden total failure and a big pile of ASBESTOS! - CAUTION!!! I have also seen the friction plate metal between the friction plate take up coil spring suffer from metal fatigue also causing total failure. You usually get total failure of the clutch a few days/weeks after an old car is put back on the road after very long term storage.

The cluth of a herald is one of the easiest to replace. If I remember rightly you can even remove a belhousing cover inside!
the car so you can remove starter/clutch slave and bolts in comfort. The car needs to be raised on axle stands as the box needs to be lowered out of the car.
Herald clutch - help please! - Cambridge
I bet this is what has happened.
It has a bad life - not used for months and then we go on rare long distance holidays in it.

I'll wear a mask when I get to the asbestos part...thanks for the warning.
Herald clutch - help please! - Pete F
33 years ago I lost the drive in my Herald. Memory is vague now but reason was failure of rear hub. Easily spotted because the driveshaft goes round and the wheel doesn't!
Herald clutch - help please! - coach
If it's not too late - I had a sudden clutch failure in a Herald through the pressure plate springs breaking - this was after the car had been standing for a few years. This was accompanied by a large crack as I pressed the pedal. It is also possible that the clutch arm has snapped - does the pedal move too easily?

In any event the clutch can be removed by removing, seats, carpet transmission cover. I put the front of the car on ramps and the rear on axle stands. Easier to undo propshaft bolts. Place a jack under the gearbox and undo all the bell housing bolts remove starter motor etc. Lower the jack slowly and slide out the gearbox. Refit using the same jack to take the weight of the gearbox. Although not heavy it does help as you may require at least one free hand when replacing the bolts. Usually takes me a couple of hours. (when replacing the clutch check the friction plate slides freely on the shaft I had one that was too tight and had to do the job again). Replace thrust bearing.
Herald clutch - help please! - Cambridge
Thanks to everyone for their hints and tips.
Took me three nights to replace the clutch.
The friction plate had disintegrated.
Went for a test drive last night, Felt good. Slight squeek when the pedal is pushed fully down. I'm hoping this will go away when it all beds down.

Thanks again.
Herald clutch - help please! - jc
It's good when people respond;with so many problems,you never find out what happened.Thank you.


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