Mondeo boot leak - Liverpaul
New to the pages, enjoying the discussions and have written a couple of reply's so far. We have a 99 T mondeo 5-door and have noticed some slight water ingress to the n/s rear section of the boot. (This has arrived while the car stood during a thunderstorm and not through driving the car in the wet).

Is this a common problem, and can anyone shed any light on the problem? IMHO I think it could be either a faulty rubber seal or possibly a blocked drain hole.

All help gratefully received.

Mondeo boot leak - Dynamic Dave
Is this a common problem....

From previous posts it would seem so. General concencous from other posts would suggest the leak is coming in through the rear light cluster.
Mondeo boot leak - tac
its quite a common problem . remove the rear lamps and seal around the existing gasket using silicone . refit and leave to set
Mondeo boot leak - Liverpaul
Thanks, shall give it a try.
Mondeo boot leak - winwood
yes can confirm had same problem on my V reg Mondeo. It is the light cluster seal.
Mondeo boot leak - blank
I'll add my 2pennorth as well. Mine (1999T hatchback)was the seals around both rear light clusters. Once the light cluster was removed, it was easy to see that at one point on the seal, water had been getting through. Looks like an issue with the way the (wet) foam was applied in the factory to me.

All Ford would do was sell me a complete light cluster with seal, so I added a thick bead of clear silicone sealant and replaced the unit carefully. No problems since.

Cluster is removed by undoing the nuts on the back , then giving it a firm shove from behind to break the seal.

Good luck
Mondeo boot leak - Liverpaul
Did the repair last night. Thanks for the advice. I bought some silicone sealant from Halfords (their own brand) and put copius amounts around the offending areas which could be easily noted by the perished rubber seal. Would have been a fairly quick and simple job had Halfords made the effort to put a decent dispensing system on the carton. As it happens I was getting at most 1 cm long bits to put on, due to the stupid need to have to keep pumping the nozzle to extract the silicone. Buy some other brand if you have to do the same job, but check the release system to check how it works.

All I need now is some rain to check the leak is fixed.

Mondeo boot leak - Altea Ego
Should have gone to a DIY store (B&Q Homebase etc) got the bathroom type silicon sealant (even in the colour you want) and a sealant gun. Can then be used to fix the leaks round the shower!

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