Breakers Yards near Reading - SprinterJK
One of my mates needs to get a replacement piece of plastic side trim (bit between front door and front wing) for a M-reg VW Golf. Anyone know any breakers yards near to Reading, Berks as neither of us have got a clue. Thanks in advance

Breakers Yards near Reading - Mark (RLBS)
Out the other side of Winnersh in the Sindlesham area.

Out on the Wokingham Road, straight across all the roundabouts byt he new cinemas at Winnersh on up the hill. Turn right at the lights at Tescos and then left at the mini rundabout. About 100 yards after the limit changes from 40 to NSL on the left is a little track. Down there.

All others will be in the yellow pages.
Breakers Yards near Reading - DavidHM
If you're not keen on removing the part yourself, try

They're usually better for really obvious parts than little bits of trim, but if you go to that site, your details will be forwarded to various breakers nationwide and sent to you mail order.
Breakers Yards near Reading - Focus {P}
Mark- just to make sure, it's Sainsburys not Tescos in Winnersh, and the breakers yard I know of in that area is straight on at the 1st mini roundabout (sports field on the left) and straight over the next (keeping the Nirvana leisure centre on the right), a few hundred yards further down on the right. See

Apologies if I'm talking about somewhere else.

I got an electric Cav door mirror from Berkshire Car Spares, just outside Arborfield - . They fitted it on the spot for an extra fiver.

John (Lower Earley)
Breakers Yards near Reading - Mark (RLBS)
You're right, it is Sainsbury's.

However, I would have sworn that it was under the M4 and left at the mini-roundabout - but you may very well be right.
Breakers Yards near Reading - IanW3
It *is* under the M4, then left at the mini roundabout. Past the 'Walter Arms' on the left, a further 0.9 miles there is a narrow lane to the left, with a small sign 'Wokingham Car Spares'.

The other one is Berkshire Car Spares, out by Arborfield.


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