Audi/ Merecedes - dealer service costs - xylophone
Is an Audi 14 Avant 130 bhp less expensive than the Merc 'equivalent? How do the dealer servicing costs compare? How about parts, e.g. what does new headlight on Audi and Merc cost? What is the Merc equivalent??
Audi/ Merecedes - dealer service costs - Dave N
What Merc equivalent are you thinking about, price? performance?

Call your local audi and merc dealer and ask for their labour rate and fixed price servicing.

Audi/ Merecedes - dealer service costs - DavidHM
Agree with Dave - in some areas, Audi may be quite a bit cheaper. In others, sometimes the Mercedes and Audi dealers are the same company and likely to charge similar rates.

If the car is out of warranty, is a good source of parts both - probably in general the Audi is likely to be cheaper, but neither should need more than routine servicing for the first three years.

Or, if you're really worried about labour costs, get a BMW diesel, which comes with three years' free servicing. A 320d ES Touring is just over £21k discounted.
Audi/ Merecedes - dealer service costs - xylophone
Thanks, guys

I'm going about this in a cackhanded way - I intend to buy an Avant. My son has Merc, and suggests a Merc.

What in your opinion would be the nearest equivalent Merc to an Avant 130 bhp, not SE?

I know about the BMW 320D and servicing, but I don't want a BMW -everyone has one and the image is not for me.

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