astra td advice - mav
i am thinking of a astra 1.7td estate around m or n reg
iunderstand there are differnt versions of this engine ie low pressure turbo.
which would be the one to go for i would want the nippest version and also any pointers on what to look for as i have never had a diesel before .
would i get near 48 mpg on long runs
thanks in advance
astra td advice - Railroad
The Isuzu engine performs better, the GM engine is cheaper and easier to maintain.
astra td advice - Chris TD
I was looking for an Astra Diesel estate 9 months ago due to the Volvo being written off by a Freelander. I'd gone for the Astra through past use of them as hire cars and Department vans for field work (ground clearance on forest tracks was much better than escorts etc, and they were very spacious for lugging chainsaws etc around). I wanted the diesel for the economy and power (the 1.4 petrol in the hire cars was a bit lifeless).

First Department van was the Isuzu engined one - lots of oomph, and a definite surge when the turbo kicked in properly. It's replacement was the GM Low Pressure Turbo version, but I had to lift the bonnet to check there was a turbo as it didn't have the urgency of the Isuzu (or the noticeable hiss when the turbo started working), and this was commented on by quite a few of the staff. Didn't think too much about mpg as we weren't paying for the diesel and only had to fill it up occasionally if you took in on a really long run.

With my pruchase I was after the Isuzu engined version based on the above experiences and a few on-line reviews said more power and better mpg, but price and local availability meant that I ended up with the GM engined one. Nine months of ownership and discussions about a subsequent cylinder head gasket problem (that seems to have been resolved successfully - touch wood) gave an insight into the servicing and maintenance of the two engines that have lead me to believe the GM one was the better option - parts seem to be a lot cheaper and the engine more reliable (possibly less stressed?). Whether you lose out overall on lower mpg I don't know.

I don't want to generate a load of replies on the lines of "What are you on about?, my Isuzu is OK...etc" this was just my subjective review of the subjective opinions of half a dozen mechanics who work with them daily.

MPG seems to average 40-42 which I thought was a little dissapointing (commute over 20 mile country road + 6 mile urban), but it's only been on a couple of long runs (200+ miles in a day), so I can't really give you a "cruising" mpg. I'm well satisfied with it as a car and can't see it being changed for a good many years, unless the lassie who ran into the back of me still hasn't learnt not to talk on the mobile while driving yet.

There was a diesel newbie thread on the site somewhere that you can search for that I found very useful in the learning how to drive a diesel after 20 years of petrol engines. I think it also gives you some pointers as to what to look for on buying.


Chris TD
astra td advice - MonkeyFunk

ive got a 93 td astra (isuzu engine)

145000 miles

ive change all the filters requlary blah blah

ive done over 15000 miles in it, its not let me down in any weather, altough it can take a bit longer to start in the cold

i get around 45mpg (heavy foot) on the motorway

but can squeeze in the 50's taking it a bit easier

it can also nippy enough (its the first diesel ive owned)

however if you find one with the isuzu, make sure the cam belt had been changed and that the bottom pulleys (cam belt & alternator/power steering) are ok!! cos ive heard of these going knackered and they are quite expensive!!

astra td advice - mav
thanks for the replies guys
one last question.
how can u tell if a astra has the isuzu engine is it on the engine somwhere
cheers rob
astra td advice - HF
The best way to find out is to wait for Dynamic Dave to come along and tell you. He's psychic and knew straight away that my own Astra has an Isuzu engine.
astra td advice - Dynamic Dave
The best way to find out is to wait for Dynamic
Dave to come along and tell you. He's psychic and knew
straight away that my own Astra has an Isuzu engine.

Unfortunately no HF. I know nothing about Diesel engines, apart from they clatter louder than a petrol engine, and you feed it different fuel!! The reason I knew yours had the Isuzu engine was because I remember someone else mentioning it once.
astra td advice - HF
Blimin' 'eck, D, have I been crediting you with someone else's powers all this time? I do apologise, both to you and to the genius who knew what engine I had.

Slightly disillusioned now to find that my Astra guru has somewhat less than the perfect knowledge I have always believed in. ;)))
astra td advice - RichardP
The GM low pressure turbo engine (68hp) has 'DIESEL' written on the top of the camshaft cover in white letter and the Isuzu lump has 'Turbo' written on top of the engine in red letters. In quite a few of the later Astra's the GM engined models were badged as TD and the Isuzu's were badged as TDS (this badging configuration might only have been from about P reg onwards though). My Dad's M reg Astra with the GM engine is badged '1.7d'. it's proved very reliable to date.

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