Vredestein Tyres - shoei
Has anybody got any experience with these tyres, they won the Autoexpress tyre best buy award.
Vredestein Tyres - Baskerville
I was persuaded to buy a pair of these a few years ago and was very impressed. Good grip levels in wet and dry compared with the equivalent Goodyears (though I know it's unfair to compare worn Goodyears with new Vredesteins). Anyway they seemed to last ok too but I sold the car before they were anywhere near needing replacing. Very good value as I recall--quite a bit cheaper than the Goodyears I was after, which was why I was suspicious of them at first.
Vredestein Tyres - terryb
I used to use these about 30 years ago, sold by (then) Albany Tyres, official suppliers to the CSMA.

They were marvellous, and little or no more expensive than remoulds in those days.

No recent experience though. Isn't Vredestein Dutch for "firestone"?

Vredestein Tyres - daveyjp
They are a Dutch company who only do replacement tyres - no new cars are fitted with them, except for skinny spares. They always get good reports, especially for their wet/snow handling capabilities. No idea on prices though.
Vredestein Tyres - CM
My local big/cheap dealer here is an agent for them and I put them on my wife's Golf. They seem to do a good job and they don't seem to have worn badly. Having said that we don't (or rather can't) exactly thrash the 75bhp that much.

IIRC, for 225/16s he was selling them for the same price as Continentals (so I chose the Contis for my car).
Vredestein Tyres - flatfour
I had some several years ago, they were ok, then i tried semprit they were longer lasting. I am now trying out Fulda apparently made by Goodyear in Germany, they grip well £65 for 205 16 75 V the same Goodyear is £100 and Michelin £125, thats alot if you have a fatal puncture within 2000 miles.
Vredestein Tyres - Armitage Shanks{P}
A while ago when/if you bought Goodyears you got a book of vouchers for free puncture repairs and, if the tyre was damaged in any way or by anything, you got a pro-rata refund for the unworn depth of tread. I don't know if this still goes on but it might be worth paying the extra for if it does.
Vredestein Tyres - Aprilia
Vredestein seem quite popular on the Continent. They have been factory fit on some Volkswagen models - should be an OK tyre.
Vredestein Tyres - CM
Vredestein seem quite popular on the Continent. They have been
factory fit on some Volkswagen models - should be an OK

One of the reasons I have stuck with Contis is that the car had them on from new.

How do manufacturers decide which tyre to use? Has VW done a lot of testing with Vredestein or does it come down to profit margin (ie the cheapest that they can get away with)?
Vredestein Tyres - THe Growler
They have been around at least 40 years. I have used them (I worked for a dealership that sold them) and they were always a popular and realible value for money tyre. We also sold John Bull tyres, wonder what happened to them?
Vredestein Tyres - Marc
I believe manufacturers buy in whatever they can get a good bulk deal on and this is obviously subject to change over the production run of a vehicle. For instance, I have seen brand new Mondeos shod with Continentals, Goodyears and Bridgestones so far. Funny thing is, the manual tells you to stick with whatever the car came with as these are apparently optimum for the vehicle - hard to believe when they keep switching their own "brand loyalty"

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