Road Fund Tax (RFT) - clariman
Mine expires on 30/6/2003.

Is there a grace period or do I have to renew by this date?

EG - Can I leave it for a week to 7th July before renewing (obvipusly renewal will be backdated)?

Reason i ask is that I am awaiting an exemption certificate for free RFT for use for someone with higher rate mobility allowance (exempt).

It should arrive by end June, but it may be a few days late, hence the question!

Do I write something in paper above the (then) expired tax disc in the meantime if I delay?

Mr C
Road Fund Tax (RFT) - DavidHM
There's no grace period.

This means that you'll have to buy a new tax disc and then claim back the tax once it is issued.

It'll cost you a few quid but it's significantly cheaper and less hassle if your car is clamped in the meantime. Plus, if the DVLA wanted to be particularly annoying, simply going to them a week late would be tantamount to confessing that you'd been driving around without tax or a SORN.
Road Fund Tax (RFT) - clariman
What if been "on holiday" ?
Road Fund Tax (RFT) - owen
whilst officially there is no "grace period", i got ticketed for no tax a couple of years ago the day after my disc expired (by a particularly nasty traffic warden; we had words on a number of occaisions, but that's another story!). After speaking to a plod friend, i phoned up someone (can't remember who sorry) and explained the situation. They told me that there was an unofficial two week period of grace, and that as long as I wrote them a letter with proof that i'd taxed it within the two weeks they'd let me off. I did, and they did.
Road Fund Tax (RFT) - Mark (RLBS)

When dealing with the police and/or the DVLA (if that\'s who looks after RFT) I am sure you are correct.

However, I think that the average clamping firm is somewhat more merciless than that, and even if you got your way in the end you\'d have had a lot of hassle getting your car unclamped.
Road Fund Tax (RFT) - owen
Fair point, i suppose for the sake of a few quid it's probably easier to do it properly.
Road Fund Tax (RFT) - clariman
Actually just done search on DVLA site. Pay the year and claim back afterwards. Cost of 1 month's fee circa £15, so that's worth avoiding hassle from the rozzers!


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