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My 20 year old daughter - uni student in London - has announced she wants to buy a motor scooter. Anyone have any good advice?



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There are lots of cheap 50cc scooters about a yr old because so many 16 yr olds want one. The manufacturers often rope youngsters in with one year's free insurance on a new scooter, also involving a finance deal. Thus when the one year runs out and they find the premium's about £1000 which they can't afford and also think the finance payments are a bit steep they jump ship. I picked up one as a run-around 18 months old, 50cc Yamaha for £650. In my late middle age I can insure this for £75 !(yes !) p.a. TPF&T.
First thing to do is find out what it would cost to insure for a 20 yr old in London. Check out what's on offer NEW, esp. finance & insurance, and then compare with your own deals SECOND HAND via Autotrader & various insurers. Then you need to think about security & where it's going to be kept. Scooters are highly liftable. Two blokes and a Transit and it's gone. Could it be garaged ? That said, when it's dry, there's nothing to beast them in cities for a quick, cheap commute. She would need high-visibility clothing and a sharp eye and instict for motorists who aren't very careful ! But they can be great fun !
Scooters - Technoprat {P}
Thanks for the above.

Having been, in my callow youth, a motor-cycle messenger in London, I am so well aware of the dangers of being so unprotected that I tremble at the thought of her riding one of these tiny things.


Scooters - Bob the builder
I understand your feelings ! Our two eldest (one male, one female)are drivng cars/scooters. But risk is relative, esp. in cities. I understand you worrying about her on a scooter. Do you also worry about her on the tube (at night/alone), in a car as a lone female, walking etc. etc. Has she got a driving licence and already passed her car test ? If so, she will be MUCH more road aware than if she was a 16yr old going straight on to a scooter. Of course, if she can get away with no transport, then that is probably the safest (and cheapest) option, but if wheels are necessary/desirable scooters are fine !
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how much parking is there for scooters in central london? I am thinking of one central I mean Moorgate etc
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There are plenty of free places around the back of liverpool street.
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Once she has passed her CBT then get her on a course that gives her more skill in handling the scooter and road awarness. Good quality Helmet, Gloves, Jacket and Bum bag type waterproofs are a must.I commute 19 miles year round into Stoke-On-Trent and I would not have it any other way.
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Totally agree with shoei about training and protective equipment. Round my way (SE London/ Kent border) there are hundreds of spotty herberts racing about in the standard gear of Nike hooded sweatshirt, trousers with lots of pockets, shoei/arai lids (with iridium/ tinted visor) and no gloves. They also ride like utter pink fluffy dice, undertaking, cutting up cars etc,generally being a menace to other road users.

Proper gear is an absolute must. People assume that just because a scooter is not that fast that they don\'t need full-face helmet, gloves/ leathers etc. Technology for protective equipment has come a long way even since I\'ve been riding (15 years)- it\'s just stupid not to gear up properly, given the alternative.

There, I\'ve said it.
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