louder indicator beeper ?? - MartinVF

I seem to recall that the Telegraph reviewed a plugin gizmo that made the beeps the indicators make louder .

Can anyone point me to a source for my Golf mark 3 ?

My friendly local VAG dealer says there is no such item.

thanks all


louder indicator beeper ?? - Chris TD
Got one supplied with the towing electrics rigged to beep with the indicators when the board is attached. It was way too loud for the open estate boot (woke sleeping children in back seat - oh joy!) but judicious use of tape and cotton wool has muffled it to an acceptable level whilst still being audible.

It only needed a few sanp-lock connectors to tap into the existing wires so whilst not quite plug-in it isn't difficult to fit.

Could try Maplin for a 12v buzzer.


Chrs TD
louder indicator beeper ?? - bertj
Won't the towing buzzer only work when a trailer etc. is attached to the car? Like MartinVF I could do with some amplification with no trailer. If you used a buzzer on it's own you would need two; one for each side as it would have to be wired in 'downstream' of the indicator switch.
louder indicator beeper ?? - wemyss
Had a car some years ago in which the radio speakers used to amplify the indicators for some reason.
Mainly in poor reception areas.
With all the buttons on todays radios its a pity one of them couldn't be designed to amplify the indicators. Would be a useful gizmo for the hard of hearing.
louder indicator beeper ?? - Clanger
Am I missing something?

What's wrong with an occasional glance at the dash?

louder indicator beeper ?? - Chris TD
The buzzer for the towing kit does only sound when connected - can't remember the wiring for it off hand but I'd guess that made it more complex than others. A bit of connecting it to different wires could probably get it to sound whenever the indicator went on.

Alternatively if you go to the Maplin site and type in these two search phrases:
Miniature Buzzer FL40T
Snap-Lock Automotive Cable Connector

The buzzer costs £1 and ten snap-locks £1.50, so even buying two buzzers (+£2:50 delivery) you might get what you need for six quid.

At least, that's what I'd do if I wanted it, but bear in mind I might also fry the electrics of the car (disclaimer type thing), so if you're in any doubt you might want to speak to a qualified auto electrician.....

Chris TD

louder indicator beeper ?? - jc
Or one buzzer and replace the flasher unit with a three terminal one;the centre one was used on cars which only had one warning light not two and this could be used for the buzzer.
louder indicator beeper ?? - Deryck Tintagel
Buzzer are probably a bit too distracting. How about just connecting another relay coil across the indicator wiring and the clicking of the additional relay may be enough.

The only problem is finding a suitably noisy relay as most for cars a designed to be quiet.
louder indicator beeper ?? - none
It's not so easy or safe to wire directly into a modern loom. Bulb failure warning systems are one example of a circuit that might malfunction. Towbar fitters use a sort of current detecting relay. One side is wired into the circuit being monitored, another is connected to the battery, a third is connected to the accessory. When in use the relay detects a current but doesn't use this power source, it switches the power as required via the battery connection to the accessory. Indespension sell the relays and they also sell a good little booklet on towbar wiring. (No connection)

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