Speed Humps - Manxman
If this subject has been raised before... my apologies. Speed bumps are making car repairers rich ! Most modern car suspensions were never designed for the continuous and massive flexing of suspension components like shock absorbers and bushes etc., caused by mile after mile of steep angled road bumps. Most inexpensive cars have very limited engineering tolerances in all suspension and steering components simply to keep manufacturing costs down. In 2003 the car has reached a superb standard of sophistication only to have all that brilliant engineering reduced to inoperability by a crude, retrograde and deliberate wrecking of safe smooth road surfaces for a highly debatable gain in claimed road safety.
I am all for forcing the worst drivers to slow down, but this system is just not good enough.
Speed Humps - Dynamic Dave
If this subject has been raised before...

It sure has. Try typing "humps" into the Site Search box at the top of the screen and see what comes up.
Speed Humps - Armitage Shanks{P}
I clearly understand the purpose of speed bumps and cushions and the like. What seems to be badly thought out is that if you are driving along a road, with a posted speed limit of 20 mph say, you should be able to proceed at that speed without ripping the sump off your car and otherwise damaging it. Why should traffic driving at the given limit be further slowed down? Post a lower sepeed limit and leave the surface alone!
Speed Humps - Alfafan {P}
Spotted an article in the mail this morning that Barnet Coucil are getting rid of all their humps.

Spokesman for Transport 2000 becomes hysterical as usual and predicts hundreds more road deaths if this done across the country. Don't these people live in the real world?

Rant still simmering.
Speed Humps - Thommo
Trouble is Alfa these hysterical rants are a one way street for them. By saying it they set fear in peoples minds. If nothing happens then it all goes quiet, I have never seen a paper go back and review and report, you said this would happen and it has not so you were wrong weren't you?

If there are more accidents, even though they may be unrelated to the removal of the humps, they can jump up and say, see we told you its all your fault.

Still to be fair most left wing politics operates on this principle.
Speed Humps - Sherwood
I believe in Liverpool they are having to alter most speed humps as they are so acute they are damaging the underneath of limo's and funeral cars bieng rather longer than the average cars are getting stuck on them
Speed Humps - Sherwood
On second thoughts perhaps this should be in the motoring jokes section
Speed Humps - Mattster
Speed bumps are ridiculous. If all the money spent on building them were instead spent on improving junction layouts, relocating dangerously placed lampposts and signs, etc., more lives could be saved than ill-thought out bumps.

Near to where I live, someone was killed recently when a joyrider lost control when hitting a speedbump while pursued by police and ploughed into their car. Freak accident maybe, but not everything's as black and white as it at first seems.


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