V Vectra 1996 Fuel Consumption - wymthg
I have a 96 1.8 LS Vectra and o a trip down the dual carridge way my fuel consumption seemed to half, I went about 90miles and used more than half a tank of fuel.

What could be causing this?
V Vectra 1996 Fuel Consumption - NabLane
I know from a friendly (ex) Vauxhall service manager that some of the early ones suffered from a 'sticking' fuel gauge. Not sure what was causing it - the sender, display elecronics, or the gauge itself as my previous Vectra (96 2.0) didn't have this problem.
V Vectra 1996 Fuel Consumption - Peter D
Failed Lambda sensor or Temp Sensor cuase open loop or choke on Mode. Get a nice friendly garage to check you emissions. Regards Peter
V Vectra 1996 Fuel Consumption - Archie
The problem is caused by wiring obstructing the operation of the sender unit making it show half instead of full. The cure is to re-route the wiring so that it clears the unit. A VX dealer should know all about it as the problem is listed on the VX Tech info system.
V Vectra 1996 Fuel Consumption - wymthg
Sorry I may have not explained the problem correctly.

The fuel consumption is halved as in I only get so many miles to the gallon, I am burning more fuel than I should be.

The fuel gauge is fine.


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