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replacement exhaust? - Michael
The original back box on our 1.6 primera will need replacing this year, the question is should I buy a genuine nissan back box (given that the original lasted over 6 years) or should I buy a fast fit back box, which, from previous experience with other cars, seem to last two years? I guess it comes down to price but is there a difference in quality?
Re: replacement exhaust? - crazed idiot
how long u planning to keep the car, how old is the car...

check out how much a stainless steel job will cost if you want to keep for a long time

try shopping around the price at fast fit places varies a lot

on the whole for a normal family car i would go for the cheapest you can get...

make sure they replace the rubbers, dont let them use the original rubbers...
Re: replacement exhaust? - Michael
another 5 years, i guess, (had it from new in 95)
Re: replacement exhaust? - mike harvey
In my experience, the cheap ones last about 13 months with a 12 month guarrantee! If you are keeping the car, have a Nissan one and forget it.
Re: replacement exhaust? - D J Woollard

Re: replacement exhaust? - Alvin Booth
If my experience with exhausts is anything to go by there is a big difference between the origional and the cheapos.
I used to have a Triumph 2000 years ago and always fitted them myself sourced from the local cheapo shop.
One day in a Rover main dealer I picked a genuine Triumph 2000 exhaust section with silencer up off the floor to have a look.
The weight of it was about four times heavier than the ones I had fitted.
Huge difference in quality there. I imagine the same for Nissan but why not go and compare,

Re: replacement exhaust? - Phil Goodacre
My wifes Citroen ZX 1.9d, which we bought new in 1992, still has its original exhaust and has just passed yet another MOT with no problems. With over 90,000 on the clock now that is a pretty good advert for manufacturer originals. It still has the original battery as well. If you are going to keep the car for another 5 years, go for the Nissan part, but check out the cost of a stainless unit with a lifetime guarantee, as this is a good selling point when you do come to change the car, especially if you sell it privately.
Re: replacement exhaust? - Michael
thanks all, more good advice, I'll check out the prices of oe v stainless and make a decision.

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