Auto box's & Diesels - ianhad
Can any tell me why more diesels are not fitted with automatic gearboxs. To me it makes sence, especilly with older, limited rev. range engines. thanks
Auto box's & Diesels - Marcos{P}
Personally I think a diesel engine suits automatic transmission very well. Loads of low down torque so less changes.
Auto box's & Diesels - terryb
I agree with you Marcos.

I've had auto diesels in BX, XM and Jeep and they've all been much better matched than the auto petrol combinations I've had in various Fords (Cortinas Mk II and III, Capri Mk I), VW Golfs and BX. This is especially so when towing.

Initially, the XM was brought out with the auto box as standard, manual was an option at no cost - but no reduction either. Of course, with the foot operated parking brake auto was almost a must-have anyway.

Auto box's & Diesels - Dan J
Can any tell me why more diesels are not fitted with
automatic gearboxs. To me it makes sence, especilly with older, limited
rev. range engines. thanks

I think in the UK autos have been unfashionable outside of luxury cars so have got little investment. Usually the only derivative available with auto has been one petrol engine (e.g. until recently only the 2.0 petrol Mondeo could be bought with auto). They're starting to now though with very good BM, Ford, Citroen etc etc autoboxes appearing as options on diesel engines and exceptional CVT ones on the Audis.

If you're looking at used cars the reason is simple. Noone in this country is bothered about driving manual cars as a general rule so even if someone wouldn't mind an auto, they're not prepared to pay the extra 1-1.5 grand for the privelege. Thus there aren't any to filter down to the used market...

Auto box's & Diesels - Thommo
Erm... well I am known as a little odd but from the first time I drove an auto I could not bear anything else.
Auto box\'s & Diesels - Marcos{P}
The first car I had with an auto box was an old Mondeo and it was awful. Since then I\'ve been lucky enough to own 3 Mercs all with auto and now a manual box just annoys me.
Auto box's & Diesels - Pete F
One reason is marketing. There is a low demand for auto diesels in the UK. The new Fiesta is not sold in the UK as a Diesel auto but is available in Europe.

Other reasons are, it is technically more difficult to match a turbo diesel to an auto box with torque converter. CVT type autos cannot usually stand the torsional vibration of a diesel. The ratio span required by a diesel is greater than a petrol.
Auto box's & Diesels - Dude - {P}
IMHO an auto box on a diesel below 2 litres is a non starter, there is simply insufficient low end torque (below 1000 rpm) to make it a viable option. When yo get to a 3 litre engine, then quite frankly the auto versions are superb, and you will find it difficult to resell a BMW 530d or M.Benz E320CDi without an auto box
Auto box's & Diesels - L.Cleaver1
Not sure I agree with less than 2.0 to make it viable. I've got a Passat estate PD115 (1.9 l) on a tiptronic box - fantastic car!
Auto box's & Diesels - scruffythedog118
I agree with L.Cleaver1 as I also own a Passat S TDI (115bhp) but a SALOON 1.9 diesel with a tiptronic box, they are just superb cars and I wish I had found one years ago.............
Auto box's & Diesels - Dude - {P}
I guess it depends very much on where you live, - I am fortunate to live in Cornwall, which has more than its fair share of steep hills, and I stand by my original statement that auto diesels of less than 2 litres are not suited to our hilly terrain. I tried out a Beem 320d auto (150 bhp) before buying the manual version, and although this, along with the 150 bhp Golf, are as powerful as any 2 litre diesels currently on the market, on these Cornish hills, I found the manual vastly superior.
Auto box's & Diesels - Steve S
I agree with Dude, petrol engines over 2 litres or smaller ones with a turbo boost (preferably in the lower rev range) makes a huge difference.

If the match is right the auto spends most of it's time in the gear that you would choose to be in. The changes are effortless and smooth. If the engine isn't up to it then everything goes clunky and it spends most of the time labouring or revving it's guts out.

A friend had an auto 1.6 Astra - complete gutless nightmare of a ride.

I can't speak for diesel as I have no interest in it. But those who have speak of low end torque so maybe it's a different proposition.


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