98S 60k mile Mondeo 1.8lx- price please - Ben {P}
I have the above hatchback car in pepper red (well i think thats what it is called). Milleage looks genuine. Its in quite good condition. Drives well. Recent tyres (albeit cheap ones), front discs and pads. Has air-con and a cd player. Only negetive thing is a slight dent on the front bumper, and no service history (although it all appears to have been done). MOT and tax untill december, and i have just serviced it (oil + filter, and air filter). Does anyone here have any advice as to what i should expect to get for it at a private sale, and how much should i advertise it for?

If anyone here isin the slightest bit interested drop me an e-mail, address is in my profile.

98S 60k mile Mondeo 1.8lx- price please - Miller
Hello Ben,

I have a 98R 1.8 Verona with 43k, so I guess it is more or less indentical in value to yours. I would suggest putting it up for 3.3k and be prepared to accept 3k. If you decided to part ex you would probably be lucky to get 2.5k.

Despite its rep-mobile image you cant really do any better for this sort of money.

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98S 60k mile Mondeo 1.8lx- price please - Ben {P}
I agree, i think if yours was on an s it would be a fair bit more as its a Verona, plus the milleage.

I would quite happily accept 3k for it. I might stick it in for 3150 the first week then drop the price to 2950 f i get no takers. Thanks for the opinion.

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