Squeeky Laguna - charlie_boy
1999 'T' Laguna 1.8 RTE

Problem being is that when the engine is running there seems to be a squeel similar to a chirping bird coming from the engine. When the car revs faster, the louder and quicker the squeel which leads me to that it is either a belt problem or a bearing that has run dry.

It had a new alternator belt and cam belt last year. So what can the problem be?? Does it sound expensive?
Squeeky Laguna - RichardW
1. Alternator belt (or other auxiliarly belt, depending on how many it's got) not tight enough
2. Alternator belt tensioner (or other aux tensioner) bearing is on way out
3. Cambelt tensioner bearing on way out
4. Water pump on way out

Get it checked ASAP as if it's either of the last 2, and it causes the cambelt to fail, you could be looking at a new engine. Personally I'd go looking at the alternator belt first, as a new one may well have stretched and need tightening.


Squeeky Laguna - Aprilia
Agree with the above. Dribble a bit of water onto the alternator belt to see if it goes away - might eliminate one possibility.

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