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Although a NIP should appear within 14 days of a Camera Speeding Offence, how long is it for a hand held speeding offence and the NIP falling through the letter box. Is there a time limit of this NIP as well. Regards Peter
Speed Guns and NIPS - John S
Peter D

The problem is that the NIP only has to be despatched within 14 days of the alleged offence, and not received by the driver in 14 days. Posting is considered to constitute receipt by the driver. A colleague found this out the hard way when an NIP took well over 14 days to arrive as it went to the leasinbg company (the vehicle owner) first, who forwarded it to her as the driver.


John S
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Both NIP should be posted within 14 days of the offence. You may receive it weeks later, but if the date on the NIP is within 14 days of the offence then your only option is the 'not signing' loophole.

If the car is registered to someone else (hire car, lease, loaner, etc) then the 14 days only applies to the registered keeper. After they tell the 's************' processing company that it was someone else there is about a 6 month limit for them to track you down and serve the NIP on you.
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Not signing is a legal fact! You have to supply the name and address of the driver but you do not have to sign the form unless and until legislation is enacted to say that you do. Despite loads of bluster and threats that may come your way you do NOT have to sign. Full and up to date details may be found at


I do not condone speeding but I think police time and effort could be put into investigating crime. A friend has just had £5,000 worth of property stolen from their garage, with oily handprints all over the paintwork, and the police reaction has been to issue an incident number for the benefit of the insurance claim and that is it. No investigation and no visit from the crime prevention office either. The law works both ways, if you don't have to sign, dont!


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