VW Golf Mk2 Stiff Clutch When Hot - Canuck
I have a 1991 Mk2 1300 Golf 4 speed, which I've owned from new, 48,000 miles so not used a lot lately. For years it has suffered from a clutch and/or gearbox that gets stiffer and grabbier the hotter it gets. From cold it is easy to change gears, but it gradually changes after 15 to 20 miles or so. I had a new clutch fitted a few years ago, but nothing has really changed. It is worse in the summer and after long drives so it seems related to how hot the gearbox / clutch gets. It remains drivable, but is really unpleasant. I've replaced the clutch cable and made sure it is properly adjusted.

Any ideas out there as to the cause and what I can do to fix it? I'm loathe to pay for another clutch replacement until I can get an idea of the cause and the cure. When it's hot the clutch gets harder to operate and more sudden.

Many thanks

VW Golf Mk2 Stiff Clutch When Hot - David Lacey
I was going to say cable.....but it's been replaced.

I'd search out a reputable VW specialist - they're all over the world and see what they come up with - it's probably the cheaper option, rather than changing components one by one, hoping to achieve a fix.

Saying that, it might be worth trying a gearbox oil change - that's easy and cheap to do, well within the capabilities of a DIYer
VW Golf Mk2 Stiff Clutch When Hot - Canuck
I'll give that a go this weekend, thanks for the advice.

VW Golf Mk2 Stiff Clutch When Hot - ajsdoc
My mondeo is exactly the same. The pedal becomes much stiffer to depress in warm weather. A mate of mine reports the same thing in his mondeo. My clutch is hydraulic so can't blame the cable. However do not get problems with gear change and therefore have decided to ignore.
VW Golf Mk2 Stiff Clutch When Hot - Ben {P}
If you change the fluid helps to jack up one side of the car, it will be obvious which, to help get all the old fluid out. Best oil to use is VAG g9 or something (whatever their synthetic 75W/90 oil is). They sell it in 1 litre tins (or they did last time i bought some). Its worth doing, the gearbox oil on my mk.2 had degraded and gone brown when i came to change it. Synthetic stuffin the audi i had before of similar ancient age was fine though.
VW Golf Mk2 Stiff Clutch When Hot - Drew20
I know you've replaced the cable but it may be worth lubricating it. basically squirt WD40 up the cable. this loosened up the clutch on my driver
VW Golf Mk2 Stiff Clutch When Hot - Canuck
Thanks to all, will sqirt WD40 up the cable and change the gearbox oil tonight and then we'll see what happens.

VW Golf Mk2 Stiff Clutch When Hot - Sarb11
I've got a mk2 golf 1990 61000 miles. Took it on the motorway the other day for the first time since purchasing it. I did notice that the gear change was as you described alot stiffer and grabby. Did not really notice the clutch though.

Have you managed to find the problem?
VW Golf Mk2 Stiff Clutch When Hot - Canuck
To close this out, I've changed the gearbox oil and greased the clutch cable. Distinct improvement, but nothing earth shattering. Still it was worth the effort.

Thanks to all those who gave advice. Much appreciated.



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