Skoda Felicia alarm master switch - volvoman
Hi Gang - this might sound odd but I can't find the alarm/immobiliser master switch on Mrs V's 1996 Felicia. The manual simply shows a close up/ exploded diagram and states it's in the engine bay but on the side of the warning system but can I locate it ???
Can anyone shed any light on this please?
Skoda Felicia alarm master switch - Another John H
Our 1998 Felicia isn't fitted with one, but the Owner's manual (presumably similar to yours) suggests a protective cap over the switch on the side of the warning system, adjacent to the battery.

I'd imagine the handbook is out of date and doesn't show what was fitted at that time.

Where's your nearest tame Skoda dealer??


John H

P.S. How are you getting on with it?
Skoda Felicia alarm master switch - volvoman
Hi John - yes I think we've got the same problem as the manual diagram is very different from the reality under the bonnet !

Ours is a 1.3 Bohemia special edition and has the immobiliser fitted as standard. All in all it's quite a nice car. Much bigger inside than I'd thought it would be. Can't vouch for MPG yet - only done about 30 miles but it starts nicely and runs smoothly. No rattles, squeaks or other unwanted noises. It is a bit underpowered and the steering's heavy but for around town and learning it's fine and there's room in the back too.

Only problem I've found is that the rear washer appears to be blocked. The front ones work fine but no water issues from the rear nozzle. I'll try using a needle to unblock them but have a feeling this won't work. Have you had any similar problems on yours ?

BTW when I got the car I checked the oil and noticed quite a lot of mayonnaise under the filler cap. Panic !!! I thought it was going to be bad news but it soon disappeared after a short run and hasn't come back to date. I read that short runs can cause this to happen and guess that's what it was as the previous owner hardly used the car during the year prior to selling it.
Skoda Felicia alarm master switch - Another John H
Our is a boring GLi, which has power steering, but not alarm.

Regarding the rear washer - our works, but it is a push on the stalk for the rear, which operates independently of the front.

We did try a minimum spec. end of range one with no power steering a few months ago, and the steering wasn't too heavy - but I suspect the pressures were at least to spec, if not a pound or two high, as I had expressed concerns about the effort with no power steering, and it dissappeared into the workshop for a couple of minutes before we tried it.

Regarding the performance - it's a bit odd, rather flat upto 3k, then can be quite enthusiastic, but a bit noisy. I suspect if it had been "driven" from day 1, rather than pottering about, it might be a different beast.
Plus, when I've driven it on open roads for a few days it does perk up a bit.

Not normally any mayo, though - it gets hot stopped in the urban sprawl.
Skoda Felicia alarm master switch - volvoman
Well John, I fixed the rear wash/wipe problem. After fiddling around with the nozzles for quite a while and getting nowehere I eventually opened the tailgate to get a better view and, hey presto, drops of water suddenly appeared. On closer inspection, I realised that the screenwash feeder tube had been trapped between the rubber seals on the tailgate and pinched flat. Problem solved! Still can't find the alarm master switch though :-(
Skoda Felicia alarm master switch - Another John H
Glad you've fettled the rear wash - odd that the pipe wash crushed: not the usual build quality :-}

I still think it must be worth finding a tame dealer regarding the alarm - assuming it is factory fit.

Failing that join and enquire at

in the skodarescue group...
Skoda Felicia alarm master switch - volvoman
Thanks again AJH - will ask the dealer when I take it for its next service.

As for the rear washer pipe - I think it may have been my fault as when we looked at the car prior to purchase I saw tha pipe and pulled it out a little before I realised what it was. I guess I freed too much and that's what made it get caught in the tailgate seal. Still it's not damaged and all's fine now. Cheers for the info.
Skoda Felicia alarm master switch - Godfrey H {P}
Might be good idea to get the oil and filter changed soon as convenient.


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