Omega query: tie-rods fouling alloys. - Chad.R
I had both tie rods replaced on Friday, along with the steering idler arm and both front shocks at a garage selected from the "Good garage list". I provided all the parts - sourced from

After everything was fitted the garage noticed that the tie rods were fouling the inside rim of the alloys on "full" lock. (I'm not sure whether it's actual full lock or the limit the new tie rods will allow). My initial thoughts were that the tie rods were fitted to the wrong sides - they did come marked left and right on the packaging. However the garage were adamant that this was not the case and showed me the worn (read non-existent) bump stops on the suspension arms and said that was the reason and that the arms needed replacing to stop the fouling. I knew the arm bushes were knackered and had bought a new set too but accepted that I might as well change the whole arms.

I must have left my brain at home - I blame the heat, as it was only when I got back that it dawned on me that if this is due to the worn bump stops, why wasn't this happening before - now every time I even get near full lock I have to be very careful and "feel" my way to the limit to avoid a horrendous grating which you can clearly feel through the steering wheel and be deaf not to hear! Before (only that morning) I could drive on "full lock" - no grating noises from the front wheels though! (Even I can tell it's full lock because the steering refuses to turn any more and PS pump starts complaining loudly).

Can someone shed some light on this please - fortunately I don't need to use the car this week but want to speak to the garage and would like to be armed with a few facts. Thanks in advance.


P.S. Sorry for the ramble, I'm not angry but just really disappointed, this is the second visit to 2 separate garages, from the GG list, to do relatively straightforward repairs; First time it was to change the rocker cover gaskets due to a small oil leak - went in with a beautifully smooth running, near silent engine, came out with a lumpy idle and a dodgy rattle from the cambelt area. Now this..... It's a shame because it's putting me off what is genuinely a great car due to no fault of it's own.
Omega query: tie-rods fouling alloys. - Archie

You need to get this looked at. The clearance between the tyre and a tie rod is constant and does not vary with steering lock.
Omega query: tie-rods fouling alloys. - Chad.R
I wonder if they were the correct parts - maybe a vectra'a tie-rods for example.

Looks like I'll have to take it to a Vx dealer or similar to get sorted. :-(

Omega query: tie-rods fouling alloys. - carlos
take the car back to the garage and ask them to turn the tie-rod around,its been fitted backwards,if you look at the rod it has a bend in it.
if you look at another omega you will see how to fit it correctly,ive seen it done before,must be shaving the alloy off your wheel by now....
Omega query: tie-rods fouling alloys. - Chad.R
Thanks Carlos,

I haven't used the car since last Friday, just drove it back from the garage. I was very careful not to apply full lock - made 3point turns a nightmare!

I'll give the garage a ring and book a slot.

Thanks again, Chad.
Omega query: tie-rods fouling alloys. - Chad.R
Just to "close" this thread..

Had the track rods refitted (the right way round this time)and all is well - I no longer have the turning circle of a super tanker.

Had the wishbone arms replaced at the same time so almost new front suspension - Shocks done initially.

... and finally I've booked it into Micheldever to have the "full" alignment done as I'll be in the area in a couple of weeks.

Hope it'll be worth it after all this hassle.

Omega query: tie-rods fouling alloys. - volvoman
Nice outcome Chad and well done Carlos. Another BackRoom success story !

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