A Pakistani Truck - Pakistani Truck Alternator Repair - edlithgow


Inspirational apart from the music. And the wallpaper.

Evidently Pakistani Truck alternators are designed to come apart, which mine evidently isn’t, but even at that, a bit suspiciously easy.

Interesting that they apparently get away with cleaning in petrol, which I’d have thought might destroy insulation, as might brake fluid, my go-to cleaner.

The wire brushing seems to be just a bling thing. I wont be doing that.

A Pakistani Truck - Pakistani Truck Alternator Repair - Shaz {p}

Some great videos in the rest of the YT channel. I always enjoy watching with amazement at the ingenuity at the workshops when visiting family.

Thanks for sharing the link. I've bookmarked it!

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A Pakistani Truck - Pakistani Truck Alternator Repair - edlithgow

I've not been there, but I've seen similar in Morocco, Egypt and Israeli-occupied Jordan, where The Souk of the Mechanics is divided into The Souk of the Differential, The Souk of the Turbo etc down different alleys


Someone in the electric car thread was saying the motors can't be rebuilt. Get a load of this starter motor armature rebuild.


Hugely labour intensive, of course, but a lot can be done at the design stage to make replacement of sub-assemblies (like the brushes, regulator etc on an alternator) easy .

A Pakistani Truck - Pakistani Truck Alternator Repair - edlithgow

If it wasn't the alternator...


Like to know which particular plastic that burning string sealant was made of. Or maybe it was a rubber band?

On second viewing I think they are recycled bits of scrap battery casing.

I used to have a carbon-torch a bit like the one seen around 6.30 and 9.40. It was supposed to be used for body welding, powered off the car battery. I never got it to work for that, but now think such a thing might be useful for local heating of stuck fastners.

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