Boat diesel 22p/litre - Andrew Hamilton
Just saw on narrowboat forum that cheapest diesel is 22p/litre at Turners Garage on Shropshire Union Canal. Most expensive was 32p/litre.
Nice to see the government supporting the holiday industry whilst hammering the road transport with excessive taxes and regulations!
Boat diesel 22p/litre - Pat L
Is this the same fuel as used in diesel cars? If so, it's scandalous that motorists have to pay almost 4 times as much. I know farmers get subsidised diesel (or at least they used to) but for canal enthusiasts it's hard to understand why!

Boat diesel 22p/litre - none
It's the same on the Solent. Fuel barges sell the stuff for a few pence a gallon. Basically the same fuel with a different name - Gas oil (red) as opposed to Derv (undyed).
Boat diesel 22p/litre - Flat in Fifth
No its not the same diesel, the stuff that goes in cars is ULSD, marine diesel is high sulphur, same as agricultural diesel.

Nice to see the Govt understands the environmental arguments, lowest tax on the stinky stuff.

Not sure of the relative volumes of ULSD vs red diesel used. Perhaps at some point economics of scale may mean that oil companies find it uneconomic to refine a separate stream so the only difference then would be the dye.

Boat diesel 22p/litre - Andrew Hamilton
I seem to remember that the high sulphur diesel had better lubricosity than ULSD before additives were put in.
In the Orcadian I read that Customs & Excise pounced on illegal users of red fuel recently on the islands. They seem keen to stamp out even the smallest illicit use.
Boat diesel 22p/litre - none
FiF, Didn't say it was exactly the same fuel. Anyway, many small boat engines are marinised versions of vehicle engines. They perform well on gas oil, and are expected to last for years in the most adverse conditions. And they do - in spite of the fact that they use 'inferior' red diesel.
Boat diesel 22p/litre - Flat in Fifth
carrick wrote:

"Basically the same fuel with a different name"


"Didn't say it was exactly the same fuel"

Quite understandably I misunderstood.

Many marine engines are also marinised stationary engines btw.

Who said red diesel was inferior? Better lubricity without special additives, probably higher energy content per unit of volume too. Smokier exhaust though.
Boat diesel 22p/litre - Alf
No matter if engines were designed to run on water, the motorist would never see a legitimate cost reduction. Interesting to see how the cost of LPG has gone up over the past couple of years.


Boat diesel 22p/litre - J Bonington Jagworth
Wonder what will happen if/when electricity becomes more than a minority interest? Visions of C&E coming to read the meter... :-(

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