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MX-5 or MGTF - which would you recommend??

I have £13,000 to spend, and a W reg Ibiza Vibe 1.4 with 27,000 miles, in good condition which I believe is worth about £4100 privately...

I have seen a limited edition 1.8i Nevada list price £16,995 which the dealer will not negotiate on the price, although will inc tax, full tank of petrol and mats, he has also offered me £3600 for my ibiza.

I also have the option of a 20% employee discount on an MGTF 135

I want to keep the car for 3 years @ 15k miles/year, sooo....

Is the TF or the Nevada the better car?
What's a realistic price for my Ibiza trade/private?
Or would I be better off looking for nearly-new car as my other half keeps suggesting?!

Please heeeelp!!


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Before you decide, have a look at the deals that is offering - £14470 for the MX5 Sport and £12999 (!) for the 1.8 base. Both are UK supplied and I think pre-registered.

Okay, they're perhaps not quite as sexy as the Montana but probably much better value.

Personally, for quality and resale value I would be more inclined towards the MX5 although, at list price for the Mazda, the discount on the MG would make it a better deal. Unfortunately, as you can get the best part of £2k off a TF from a broker (and more from an importer) you wouldn't be able to use this discount regularly as a way to get depreciation free motoring.
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As HJ has said, the MX5 is a better car. It is more reliable and has a reasonable resale value. It is a better drive. If you shop around, as suggested. you will pay considerable less than you have been quoted.
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Go to Mazda's own site, link from this site on this weeks best deals section, (so HJ can get help with the rent).
Click on the buy used page, follow through for Mx5-you'll find over 100 late n low & I mean low mileage proper 5's.
Then use this info to get the £££ saving you want on a Nevada, at a local dealer.
Can't see why he doesn't want to haggle, as Mazda are doing so many incentives just now!?

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go 4 the mazda youll never look my experience utterly reliable and good fun .five and a half years 50000 miles and still in love!if you buy the mg come back and tell us about the breakdowns and give us a larrrrrf(i have heard that the tf is a bit better tho....)bunny

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