best time to buy in august? - Andy22
buying a second hand car in august from a dealer. which is the best time of the month to buy, or would you reccomend waiting till september, i don't know?

has to be a dealer co i need to part ex my car.
best time to buy in august? - Andy22
surely someone must have an opinion on the best time to buy?

or is it just august in general with the new reg's coming out?
best time to buy in august? - Andrew-T
At end of August many buyers will be waiting for the 53 plate, so dealers may be short of quota and open to offers. But your trade-in may not be a plus point. Try about Aug.20th.
best time to buy in august? - meldrew
Mrs M bought a car last year on 30th September.
She lost a months road tax but got an awesome
discount from a manufacturer not known for

best time to buy in august? - DavidHM
Buying new, there are things like end-of-the-month targets and it doesn't matter which car you get as they all come out of the factory the same.

Buying used, if a car is such a good deal that you want to buy it - and with your aim of finding a three year old with a good spec, right colour and under 20k, you'll be looking hard - then it may not be there at the end of the month.

If it is, and worth having, it's probably only just come in, so the salesman will be much more keen to sell you something a little less desirable. I would say that you'd do better to concentrate on the deal in front of you because, if it's any good it's unlikely to be around by the time the salesman is sweating about his end-of-month targets.

Of course, you could be lucky and get both - but do you have the time and the confidence to bet on it?
best time to buy in august? - Andy22
put it this way, i was going to buy at the weekend but thought august would be better?

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