dash cams from a reliable fitter - concrete

This is one for Eleckiedoctor. I am in need of new dash cam to replace a useless piece of kit.

The Silent Witness is hard wired with the cam near the rear view mirror. After this useless piece of kit fitted on my drive I am loathe to employ anyone not fully recommended. I understand you are based in Essex. Does your business empire extend to deepest Kent? If so I would like a new system fitted. If you can't then a recommendation would be appreciated. Any time to suit.

Cheers Concrete

dash cams from a reliable fitter - Ian D
Google techmoan (www.techmoan.com) for a very good view on dashcams. Fitting one is far from rocket science so any car radio shop or auto electrician should be able to do it easily, google those in your area to check for good/bad comments. I have a Viofo A119S (for last 4 years) which mounts at the top of the screen mainly behind the speckled sun strip with just the lens pointing out below, very neat and unlikely to get nicked as you can barely see it. You can get similar with a rear camera as well.

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