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Yesterday I paid a small deposit on a car at an independent dealer but the V5 was not produced and I forgot to ask for it. The car is about 5 years old with one previous owner I am told. Today they have called to say it's ready for collection. I asked about the V5 and was told they don't have it, though they are the legal owners of the car. They said they can give me a V62 document instead, and they will cover the £25 DVLA admin fee for a new V5. However, does this mean that I, as the new owner, will be unable to pay for road tax on the car until my proper V5 arrives ? So might have to wait some weeks before I can drive it on the road?

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Ask for refund, its simply too much of a risk.

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The V5 only goes missing if there is something to hide . Is the car subject to an insurance loss ? Check on Hpi , but even that’s not 100% correct.
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Many thanks chaps. Yes we did ask for a refund and they said they were processing it straight away. I now see in the HPI section of the Autotrader listing there is a footnote to say this car is subject to 'Stocking Finance', which may be the explanation, but a bit more openness from the salesmen would have saved my time (and theirs!)

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No V5, no buy. Simples!
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No V5, no buy. Simples!

Great advice. No doubt it was a good deal. if a deal is too good to be true, then it is too good to be true! Never take a chance, always walk away. There are hundreds of thousands of cars on the market so there will alway be one for you. Good luck.

Cheers Concrete

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It is simple.

If a seller is too incompetent/lazy/crooked to get the paperwork right, what happens if the car is faulty and you want them to fix it under warranty?

Run Away!


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