Motorised toy scooters - weller
There seems to be in the locality where I live, a lot of what I can only describe as motorised toy scooters. These are being ridden, some have a small seat, in an aggressive way in amongst the traffic.
Does anyone know the legality of these motorised toys?

Motorised toy scooters - henry k
We have both petrol and electric ones in my area.
I believe the petrol ones are totally illegal.
Not sure on the electric ones because electric cycles are now on the market and I see no details of them needing any additional registration etc.
All the petrol ones I have seen have no lights, reflectors, indicators etc. I would expect yhat more than a few offences are being committed when using one.
Motorised toy scooters - daveyjp
I asked this on another forum and have since found this:

If its motorised its classed as a motorbike.

Thank you Google.
Motorised toy scooters - weller
Thank you for the replies, I wonder what would happen, if you were unfortunate enough to have an accident with one of them.
Motorised toy scooters - Onetap
I remember some years back, someone who'd had a drink driving ban had taken to using motorized roller skates. He was done for that.
Motorised toy scooters - mare
Almost right, the gentleman had been drinking and was going to the shop on a motorised toy on some kind. On the pavement. Caught and done for drink driving
Motorised toy scooters - Onetap
Almost right. The incident I remembered concerned a man with an existing drink drive ban who was detained on a motorized skate board/Goped.

The other incident you recalled concerned a man who was convicted of being drunk in charge of a motorized skateboard.

I think we can safely assume that the constabulary will regard these things as vehicles and not toys.

The third link concerns a round Britain trip by someone driving a motorized toilet. It?s not relevant to anything, but I found it whilst searching for the other items and feel obliged to share it with you all. Sadly, it is not powered by natural gas.
Motorised toy scooters - SteveH42
ISTR reading that they were legal if insured, but that no insurance company would touch them, so effectively they aren't allowed. Certainly not on the pavement as most I've seen seem to be used - if a bike isn't allowed on the pavement, one of these certainly isn't!
Motorised toy scooters - David Lacey
Sounds like Gopeds!

I have two.....

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