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I need an urgent advise. My kit car broke down some time ago. I was driving from one electrician to another to fix it and now it's finally starting with a new ECU.

Unfortunately, I'm not sure if its the right one. Electrician claims it's from 1.8l but it behaves like it's from 1.6.

How can i check exact model or engine version which that ECU came from? I have only the below details:

WL Rover


2086 4087 and a barcode number which probably is useless.

Any ideas? Need urgent help.

MG TF - 1.8 k series kit car , HELP! - AdeyG

I think you'll find the ecu you've got is for a 1.6 K series engine.

The ecu in my 1.8 K series has the code MKC103720., although being MG/Rover , there's probably more than one variation!

Try this link.

Hope that helps

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MG TF - 1.8 k series kit car , HELP! - Matt Mac

Thanks for that! Atp shows it's only 1.6l but even the picture is different. Do you think there is a chance they don't have 1.8l model in there? It's pretty old ECU.

Starting it was a nightmare, i don't want to blow up the engine because of the wrong ECU.

Do you think OBD2 would read it?

MG TF - 1.8 k series kit car , HELP! - AdeyG

Sorry, don't have much knowledge of modern set ups, I leave that to professionals. I'm sure there's someone on the forum that can help.

My ECU was replaced by a local auto electrician. I know he used that website to identify the part.

Now, ask about my 1975 Triumph - that's a different matter!

MG TF - 1.8 k series kit car , HELP! - elekie&a/c doctor
Can’t see there being much difference of operation between a 1.6 and 1.8 Ecu . The engine map will be different, but that shouldn’t affect starting of the engine . You will be able to read basic info from the Obd diagnostic plug , but doubt if your tester will read Ecu type / model spec . What kit car do you have ?
MG TF - 1.8 k series kit car , HELP! - Matt Mac

It is Tiger Avon, old version. OBD2 doesn't see the ECU so i will have to check the diagrams.

Engine starts with current ECU but works poorly on the higher RPM.

MG TF - 1.8 k series kit car , HELP! - elekie&a/c doctor
As a kit car , it’s possible that the diagnostic socket has not been connected .
MG TF - 1.8 k series kit car , HELP! - Matt Mac

THANK YOU FOR THAT. Just to let you know, somehow I've found a person who sold that ECU and apparently it's 1.8l Petrol - i'm just unsure if it's VVC or not.
Either way i do have another issue. I've dismantled the loom ( found loads of short circuits) and now I'm check if the ECU is receiving all relevant details. I was lucky because there is no easy way of checking which ECU is that.

What catched my attention is that the owner gave me spare camshafts ( he thought they are broken). I just figured out the the ones fitted in the kit car are different to the spare ones.
Do you have any idea how to indentify them? I've spend few hours scrolling but can't find anything. To be more precise i've got the below camshafts. I need to know which one will be correct for and which one is inlet/outlet... that car is in a mess but i want to do my best to restore it.

Camshaft numbers:
LYD 3 LGC106970
LYD 13 LGC106970
2X LYD 5 LGC 106970

Could do with any help!


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