Vectra Disc Pad Thickness sensors - superannuated rocker
MOT time is coming round again and I guess I'll have to embrace a little problem I left in December when it was too damned cold to fiddle about. I changed my front disc pads on my 2.0L SRI and in so doing damaged one of the thickness sensors. Ever since my computer has been displaying the disc pad thickness alarm. I see from my Haynes manual that new sensors were available as service items for the Cavalier but I do not see similiar info in the Vectra manual. can somebody please tell me 1) Can I get a new sensor for a Vectra? 2) If not will a Cavalier one fit(the calipers appear to be the same) or 3) Is it an MOT consideration anyway?
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Vectra Disc Pad Thickness sensors - RogerL
The warning can be over-ridden by splicing the two wires of the sensor together to make the circuit again. New sensors should be fitted when pads are changed, but I never do. There may also be an audible wear indicator on the pads, anyway.
Vectra Disc Pad Thickness sensors - superannuated rocker
Thank you very much for the information


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