GM ECU Fault Codes-Life-Span? - howy686
I've just 'fixed' the camshaft sensor on my 2.0l Ecotec (Simtec 56 system) and deprived GM of £67 - very satisfying.
It was the well documented method of elongating the bolt hole so it sits closer to the cam sprocket lobe for more reliable triggering.
However, on re-connecting the battery, which had been disconnected for 4 days, the code '92' was still present.
At this point I hadn't started the engine - I had just switched on the ignition.
But after starting the engine I checked again, and the code had disappeared.
I thought that all fault codes were lost when the battery is disconnected - in this case it appears that the error message was held in the ECU memory, even without battery power, until a correct signal was received from the sensor.
Can anyone clarify this?
GM ECU Fault Codes-Life-Span? - Dave N
Sounds about right. Some systems don't even clear the code when a correct signal is recieved, and have to be reset by the dealer.

When EOBDC gets fully up and running, the date will also be kept so MOT stations can tell how long you've been running with the fault and prosecute accordingly.
GM ECU Fault Codes-Life-Span? - David Lacey
Isn't it cleared after 20 or 30 ignition switch cycles?
GM ECU Fault Codes-Life-Span? - carlos
if the codes not present,dont worry about it,the ecu wont.
dont forget to check the cambelt tension,this can cause the camshaft signal code to go present.
GM ECU Fault Codes-Life-Span? - howy686
Carlos - I changed the belt, pulleys and water pump at the same time - quite surprised how slack the old one was after 30k & 4 years - maybe, as you say, that's why the sensor is giving the right signals. Certainly it's running better than I can ever remember before...
GM ECU Fault Codes-Life-Span? - Andrew Moorey (Tune-Up)
Sort of bears out my 36 months/36,000 miles for a cambelt rule. Would you have trusted that belt to run for another 30,000 miles as GM USED to specify?

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