WRX test drive - fecker
Just back from a test drive of a new WRX. It had the prodrive kit which takes it to about 250bhp (a cheeky extra £1800 too). Must admit I was expecting it to feel quick but it just didn't. I suppose it's cos it grips so well there is no drama at all.
Excellent cross country car tho - if you needed to do a lot of miles on mixed roads, this is the fella you need. Very easy to drive fast.
I now need to decide if I want one. Don't think I can do it cos it's so bloody ugly! But I am tempted............

Ah decisions, decisions.........
Re: WRX test drive - honest john
Don't do it until you've also driven an EVO VII.

Re: WRX test drive - fecker
True. They're about £30k tho aren't they. Will look at an S3 as well, much classier, more my kind of thing.
It might have to wait tho - the dealer just got back with the part-ex price - they offered me under bottom book for my immaculate 00 V - Accord Type R 12,000mls fully loaded - £12,845 !!!
Immaculate Type R - Guy Lacey
He probably took a look at the kerbed alloys c/o Mrs Fecker!
Re: Immaculate Type R - fecker
Yeah he did notice that little one grrrrrrr...... come here Mrs.Feck I won't hurt you.

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