Audi 80 Fuel Filter Change - mak
Could you please advise me the correct method to depressure the fuel system so that I can change the fuel filter on my 2.0E Audi 1995 model. Thanks for any assistance.
Audi 80 Fuel Filter Change - Adam Going (Tune-Up)

If you do the job without starting the car after standing overnight there will be very little residual pressure. Alternatively, with the engine running remove the fuse for the fuel pump - engine will run for a few seconds then stop. In both cases there will be some fuel spillage as you remove the lines so have a suitable drip tray in place.

HTH, Adam
Audi 80 Fuel Filter Change - David Lacey
Do it first thing in the morning as Adam says - remember not to smoke when doing it! Doh!


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