SORN but not forgotten ? - MisterMethane
Last year I sorned my car instead of taxing it. I was lead to believe that this only lasted a year and I would be sent a renewal notice. Suffice it to say this hasn't arrived. Is this normal. I know I can get a form and send it off to Swansea but if this is lost I know it can cause problems.


SORN but not forgotten ? - Galaxy
There is no renewal for SORN. Once a declaration has been made it lasts as long as you want it to last.

In practical terms this is normally until you subsequently re-licence the vehicle, give notice to the DVLA that you have sold it to someone else, or give notice to the DVLA that you have broken the vehicle up.

By the way, if you hand in a SORN notice to a Post Office, they now have to give you a receipt for it, which would disprove any attempt by the DVLA to say that they hadn't received your form.
SORN but not forgotten ? - teabelly
I am not sure you are correct in your assertion that a sorn declaration doesn't need renewing. I receive a tax reminder each year for the vehicle I have sorned. It states clearly on there that I must either get a tax disc or pop down to the post office with the form and declare sorn.
SORN but not forgotten ? - Galaxy
Sorry I stand corrected!

I have just checked the DVLA website and, indeed, SORN declarations do need to be renewed every 12 months. Worth looking at:

The relevant forms are VT11 and V 85/1, or V890 if you don't have a renewal notice to hand.

I myself have only ever declared a SORN for one vehicle, and I didn't have this vehicle 12 months later, hence my believing there weren't any renewals.

Sorry for any possible confusion caused.
SORN but not forgotten ? - Cliff Pope
But are they supposed to send reminders?
As they don't send acknowlegements when SORN is declared, it would be very easy to forget when it is due for renewal.
SORN but not forgotten ? - M.M
As teabelly says they do send a reminder, a tax disc reminder to either tax it or renew the SORN. You send the SORN renewal on that form to a local licence office, can't take it to a post office.

No confirmation of SORN is issued so I always take a copy of the signed form for my records.

SORN but not forgotten ? - frostbite
Unless I have misunderstood you MM, I think that is not correct. I have had two vehicles on SORN for a couple of years, and always get a reminder for each, to tax or SORN, which I take to my local P.O.
SORN but not forgotten ? - M.M
Sorry frostbite that should have said that *my* local Post Office wouldn't accept them (they don't do licences either).

In our area there is a nominated major PO some 30 miles away who does the "MVL" duty and is detailed on the I post it to them.

Well spotted.


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