Mondeo Carwash ban.. - P.Mason {P}
I called in at my local Shell station today and they had a sign at the cash desk announcing that Mondeos were prohibited from using the carwash 'due to the possibility of damage to the vehicle'. Is this a countrywide ban, and why Mondeos especially?
Mondeo Carwash ban.. - Soupytwist
I've seen a sign in a Sainsbury's petrol station saying that Rover 200s shouldn't use car washes.
Matthew Kelly
No, not that one.
Mondeo Carwash ban.. - ShereKhan
Rover 200 has a spoiler at the rear which can be ripped off during a carwash. There is a sign on a quite a few car washes telling you not to use if you have a Rover 200.
Mondeo Carwash ban.. - terryb
I'm not convinced anyone should use a carwash.

The number of incidents involving bits being ripped off and hammered against the car seems to be on the increase in line with the difficulty of claiming against them for this damage.

At best you get a poor quality of wash and swirl marks forever scratched into your paintwork, at worst you get considerable damage.

I'd encourage everyone to revert to the bucket and sponge, hosepipe and leather. Or one of the growing number of hand carwashes springing up, which are no more expensive.

Mondeo Carwash ban.. - THe Growler
This will get me banned at worst, deleted at best, I have to keep remembering the UK is more uptight than where I live about life, but we still have a sense of fun over here which can\'t be banned by Brussels, so here goes anyway.

I swear by Ferdie\'s Bikini Car Wash down the road, which I have mentioned before, where eponymously clad young ladies handle the hard work.

\"Ferdie\'s Bikini Car Wash - The Best Job in Town\" reads the sign outside.

sorry Growler. M.
Mondeo Carwash ban.. - frostbite
This will get me banned at worst, deleted at best.

Or truncated, it appears. Shame, just as it was getting interesting!

I wouldn't normally encourage use of Tiscali for anything, but you might find that tiscali/forums/motoring are a little more liberal...
Mondeo Carwash ban.. - smokie
LMAO that's funny Growler.

Mark, you could have left a double space to give people a clue...well, I'm guessing just a single word has been moderated...if I'm wrong, then I have an even better slogan for them!
Mondeo Carwash ban.. - Gen
Don't get the joke myself. It would be handy if you could help me out...

Would have to agree though, automated car washes are risky at best; it's not even as if they are cheap. Especially if you want all the options.
Mondeo Carwash ban.. - Blue {P}
I think that if you want your car's paintwork ruining at our local superarket it costs over a fiver! :O

Mondeo Carwash ban.. - Mark (RLBS)
>>Mark, you could have left a double space to give people a clue

Actually you can't, the forum edits out multiple spaces, which is kind of irritating.

ANyway, back to the topic please people.
Mondeo Carwash ban.. - J Bonington Jagworth
Wish we had those here, G, although I guess they might not be so attractive covered in goose-bumps. As for Mondeos and Rovers, perhaps they're worried about subsequent responsibility for rust...
Mondeo Carwash ban.. - chris2
round where I live there are four handwash places within a 2 min drive. The do a good job and for a basic wask + allows it's only £3.50. Hardly anyone uses the automated wash.
Mondeo Carwash ban.. - P.Mason {P}
The first(and last)time I ever used an automatic carwash was in Swansea, as a student in 1961. I had an Austin Healey Sprite, and took advantage of a free introductory offer at a newly opened local garage.
I stayed in the car as it went through, and the rather poorly fitting side window frames allowed copious amounts foam inside the car. When it eventually exited the other end I was completely covered with foam and soaking wet. The garage owner nearly fell over laughing as I opened the door and crawled out.
Mondeo Carwash ban.. - Altea Ego
Reminds me. Guy at work had a company Astra that had a fault. Rainwater would drip down the passenger window seal onto the window motor and bingo down would come the window and wife got wet. Turns out to be a known fault, fix to fit shield over motor. Gets it done at Vauxhall dealer.

Assuming all fixed now he trundles car into carwash. Problem was he told the dealer the problem was on the passenger side and they only fixed the passenger side........You can guess the rest.

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