Mondeo heater smell - Jonathan Shaw
I recall a thread a few weeks ago about hot/burning smell from a Mondeo heater. I have a Mk2 1.8 GLX and during a couple of damp picnics in the car on our summer hols smelt a hot clutch/engine aroma when the engine was off but the fan was on. The clutch is not slipping and I checked the fuses under the glove box for burnt connectors but found none. I've searched this forum for the old message but couldn't find it. As It due its service and first MoT in a few weeks I like to get any problems sorted while its in the garage.

Many Thanks
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Re: Mondeo heater smell - trevor
dear johnathan
you were looking in the right area under the glove box but more towards the middle of the car up on the bulkhead near the heater box you should see next to the round fan motor a 3 or 4 pin multi plug going to a rectangular resistor block for the fan motor there may be signs of overheating on the wires near to the multiplug. You willneed a new fan resistor (only one torx screw retaining it) and a new fly lead to repair the burnt wiring. your local ford dealer should be familiar with the problem as it is fairly common
regards trevor.
Re: Mondeo heater smell - honest john
I had about 30 reader responses on this. It's a very common problem, especially on 96 - 97 Mondeos. Has now been included in the car by car breakdown.

Re: Mondeo heater smell - Dave N
There was a TSB about this.

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