Changing number plates - Jase
We are shortly due to change our car and I want to take the current private number plate and transfer it to the new car. I have no idea what to do to achieve this!

Advice please experts

Thanks very much in advance

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Changing number plates - Dynamic Dave
Changing number plates - Colin M
In simple terms, if you own both cars at the same time, fill in form available at local DVLA office, pay them £80.

Wait 2-3 weeks for tax discs, V5's etc to be returned.

If you want to sell the old car before or very soon after new one arrives, then same procedure, but pay £25 for retention certificate. Transfer plate to new car at leisure.

You won't be able to sell the old car easily with you plate on without risk of losing it. When the plate has been changed, the HPI data will be wrong, so you can call them on 01722 435500 to update them before a buyer carries out an HPI check and thinks something is wrong because the number doesn't show up.

Changing number plates - PR {P}
I recently did this, a few weeks before selling my old car, I transferred the number to retention, (form from DVLA office). I then gave the certificate with private number on to the dealer, who registered my new car with my private reg. Be carefull though, you have to send off your V5 to do this, so make sure you give yourself time (Although they said 2 weeks to get it back, it came back about 5 days later!)


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