Problem: 205 brake - Andrew-T
1993 car, rear drums, fully fettled 400 miles ago at reputable independent garage. Recently returned after 10 days away, started car, wheel(s) stuck. Ha, I thought, pads stuck on after week of rain; rocked car, tried again, moved 5 yards and bang! - o/s rear wheel locked solid. Jacked up wheel, turned it several times both ways, drove a few miles, no problem.

Next day, same thing. Ha, I thought, lining come loose and jamming (wheel is free in reverse but jams going forwards). Car to garage on low-loader today, but (drum off) no visible problem.

Any ideas out there?
Problem: 205 brake - David Lacey
Cheap aftermarket rear shoes??

Bet they'll need a leading edge filing in the shoe to stop this..
Problem: 205 brake - Dynamic Dave
Yep, I would agree with what DL says about the shoes needing a leading edge. An old Vaux Astramax I used to use locked up the rear brakes if it was parked up for a period of time. No futher probs once the edges of the shoes were filed.
Problem: 205 brake - Andrew-T
Had the brake fixed now. Problem apparently due to rust inside drum causing piston not to release on one side. Technician says car is quite rusty underneath, but body almost pristine - I suspect previous girly owner (who had fat alloys fitted) used to go to carwash too often.


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