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Hi. I am looking to upgrade from my current 2004 honda civic to a sporty 4 door sedan/hatchback. I have a budget of approximately £15k . My annual mileage is low around 5k miles hence I am looking for a petrol. The octavia vrs and the 330i both fit in well within my budget but the bmw feels like a much nicer well putogether car. I have gone through a lot of posts and reviews online, this has left me really worried about the service costs and possible repairs that may be required if I go with the bmw. I quite like the car and love the way it drives. I would love to have some advice on possible options so that my annual regular maintenance is under 500 pounds. Look forward to your inputs.

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If budgetary concerns weigh heavily on you then don’t buy a used prestige or performance car, another Civic may be a better bet. But if it’s an itch that simply must be scratched then both are equally as durable as the other, both have issues as they age but in petrol form are generally reliable. I’d buy only if there’s a genuine BMW or VAG specialist nearby. In fact I’d base my purchasing decision on whether either model is supported by a specialist and I’d look at reviews on them before committing.

A good specialist is an absolute must when considering cars like these. Main dealers are too expensive and usually unrealistic in expectation to be able to run such cars on a sensible budget and Joe Blogs backstreet workshops rarely have the equipment or the expertise to maintain them correctly.

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I agree absolutely with SLO; I would add that for your £15k you'd get a newer Skoda than you would a BMW. Repairs and servicing will cost more with the BMW too.

These aren't often seen as competitors. The Octavia is a lot roomier than the 3-series (unless you go for a 3-series Touring) but the BMW has the edge in handling. Acceleration about the same. You need to try both and see if one suits you better than the other.

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